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bear by san

March 2017



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can't sleep books will eat me

and we'll never have that recipe again

Favorite link of the day: warren_ellis cooks!

Organic produce often costs a little more, and looks a little funny. It does, however, taste a lot better, and it is better on your system. Trust a man who is 95% toxins on this. (et fix link)

I can't possibly be the only one who is looking forward to the Cake Channel* version of this. (Episode 43, where Warren chases that Bam! guy around the kitchen screaming, with a peeler, is sure to be an instant classic. Not to mention episode 51, where Warren and Alton roast long pig in a furnace repurposed from a North Korean nuclear device.)

Me, I'm having leftover brown rice, apples, mandarin oranges, and ground pork cooked taco style for dinner tonight, with the last little bit of port salut and a glass of cheap Australian Shiraz.

Today was a day of various good news. ARCs of Seven for a Secret showed, and I have two to give away. They'll go to the first two people who provide me with proof of purchase (or pre-order) of a copy of All the Windwracked Stars. Well, that went fast!

Speaking of All the Windwracked Stars, casacorona tells me that the first copies have arrived in-house at Tor, and should be on their way very soon to me... and to a bookstore near you. So woot.

Also, my author copy of the Metatropolis audiobook arrived today. It looks awfully pretty in person, too.

And not only did I hear from my French translator for Carnival this week, which is a nice assurance that that is going forward, but arcaedia tells me that the Japanese publisher for the Jenny books sent money. And she tells me that she's forwarded Bone & Jewel Creatures to MonkeyBrain books, as previously arranged, and we're probably looking at a 2010 publication date for that.

And I wrote 1030 words on "The Tricks of London," and mean to get a few more tonight before I call it quits. Productivity rocks.

All in all, a pretty damned good day.

*Cake Channel, Hitler Channel, Dinosaur & Explosion Channel, Murder Channel, Dead Puppy Channel. Surely your cable provider offers these, as well?



Being a parent, I also opted for the Animated Ex-child-actors Channel.

(Fred Savage?! Really? You are now a slightly dim octopus?)
What would you consider proof of purchase for a pre-order?
Forwarded Amazon email, scan of a charge slip, whatever.


I have one! Where do I send it? (Checked your profile, but I couldn't find an email...)

Re: Preorder

bear at elizabethbear dot com
Oops. The previous was me. Computers and I don't get along well...
S'okay, got the email
Stop that.
I scared my office mates with my sick and horrible laughter at the mental image of Warren pinning Emril to the ground and shanking him repeatedly.
Oh, but it hurts so goooood.
Episode 62, Warren takes Rachel Rae to a Body-mod party....
I am now imagining the Warren Ellis line of cooking gear, including the shank and the potato masher which doubles as a branding iron. And I want them badly.
No... really... please stop.

Besides, I'm thinking he'd take her to a Macroherpetophilia party. She'd happily chirp "Doesn't that look great?!" just before he bashes her head with a Godzilla doll.

I would steal a TV and get a cable subscription for this. (Or more likely, reserve the swank-ass clubroom of my building and its wide-screen TV, so we can watch there with our friends while getting drunk, and get the foodier friends to cook along in the clubroom's swanky kitchen. Mmmm.)

I only wish Julia Child was still around. She'd be totally down with this, watching and drinking the cooking wine and laughing and enjoying it.

I think I need to make sure Mr Ellis has the Blackened Turkey recipe, written by an obscure sci-fi author, including directions for cocktails to drink while preparing the turkey, and which results in a delicious turkey that looks like Auschwitz's test dummy. We usually make two of them, and call them Hansel and Gretel.

I am also very glad that I'm not the only one who talks about pus and beheading while cooking, and makes little screaming sounds when throwing things into boiling water.

Wow. Maybe I shall get off my crippled butt and actually cook something tonight. FEAR.
The thing that had me laughing like a fiend throughout was that I AM EXACTLY LIKE THAT IN THE KITCHEN.

There's a reason I have this icon.

(*Makes the sausage plead for the lives if its children*)
I run a little more towards "mad scientist" than "Palin gutting a moose", mostly because I have never gotten the hang of using knives. (I keep threatening to get good scalpels instead; those I'm good with.) But the dialogue is very similar.

And I think that's why I'm having a cooking jones. Not just for good food, but because there just isn't the same stabbity enjoyment in microwaving a frozen lasagna.

But Thanksgiving is coming up.
...recipe again

O noes!
Metatropolis: do you know who I should talk to about getting hold of a review copy for Strange Horizons? The Audible website isn't terribly helpful on the matter.
Scalzi's the editor.
OK, I'll try him. Thanks.
I'd love to see that Bam! guy chased around the kitchen. Maybe he could even be the special ingr guest for episode 51.
Prefaced by Warren Ellis and food, I now keep misreading Metatropolis as Meatatropolis.
*Cake Channel, Hitler Channel, Dinosaur & Explosion Channel, Murder Channel, Dead Puppy Channel. Surely your cable provider offers these, as well?

Yes, but I don't get them anymore except for the Dinosaur & Explosion (and really cute dirty guy) channel, which comes with the just-the-networks package.

Thank you for a good scaring-the-cats guffaw.
I love people who write about cooking like Warren does! (And Chaz, and a friend of mine who is learning how to cook Indian food.) I'm more mad scientist myself, complete with evil laugh, though when I was making a galette with the last of the summer blueberries, I went off in this atrocious fake French accent for some unknown reason.

The cats looked at me funny.

So is Warren's cooking show (which totally exists at least in some version of reality) called Cooking with a Mad Bastard or Cooking with Internet Jesus?
It's just gotta be "Cooking with the Internet Jesus."
(Got me an Internet Jesus, makes me feel good inside...)
That sounds a lot like my personal cable line-up. Alton Brown Channel, Law & Order Channel, SVU Channel (these are different), Abused Puppy Channel, CSI: Miami Channel, and CSI With Wrestling Promos Channel. I watch a lot of crime shows.