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it's not that i just didn't care i must admit i was afraid

Thank dog, finally, a climbing day that did not suck like a Hoover. Okay, I only did three walls, and they were all walls I've done before--and my wind isn't back yet--but I can tell I've somehow made a big strength gain, and stuff was easy that wasn't easy last time. Also, I figured out the elegant way to do a move I've been thrashing my way past for six months now, so I'm pretty darned psyched about that. And I'm not totally wasted from the effort.

I think I can honestly claim to be climbing 5.7s now, which is almost like real climbing.

I did tape my feet and ankles up until they looked like mummy feet, and something in the top of my right foot is still killing me. But I climbed, and it was actual climbing, and I did not suck.

I'd almost forgotten what that was like.

Friday, I have to go try that stupid red wall that's kicking my ass again. And there's an overhung black route that's rated a 5.7+ that I really think I could do.
Tags: falling off perfectly good rocks

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