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"you married me." "what else could I do? it was our wedding."

Oh, I heard a scary woman on NPR this morning talking about how she is afraid to vote for Obama because he would "take care of his people first." She also mentioned as how she'd never thought of herself as a racist before.


I'm just going to sit here and boggle for a minute. His people? *

...his people? Gifted biracial children of hard-working single mothers? Shemar Moore will be pleased to hear it. Pork barrel pulling up, man!

I mentioned this to tanaise, and she replied, "Luckily, that's a fairly small group, so there will be plenty of time for him to take care of the rest of us."

*Because it's always about us versus them. You know, actually, applying the metric that people tend to project their own motivations on other people, it's not all that unlikely that somebody that profoundly, unconsciously buying into the paradigm would be a little worried about what might happen if the shoe were on the other foot.

I leave you with a Toni Morrison quote: "If you can only be tall because somebody else is on their knees, you have a serious problem."
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