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there's a hole in the middle of it all, a hole in the middle of it all.

2,726 words today. I have a draft of "The Tricks of London," and I have sent it off to agent and publisher and a couple of friends. So now I will proceed to ignore it for a while, and be happy that I have crossed something else off the honeydew list.

Now it's just my half of "Mongoose" and my half of "Lucky Day" and Chill for the rest of the year, and that seems like a doable amount of work.

In other news, Audible has made a free sample of my METAtropolis story, "The Red in the Sky is Our Blood," available for download here. As you know, Bob, METAtropolis is a shared-world audio anthology featuring stories by me, Jay lake, Karl Schroeder, Tobias Buckell, and John Scalzi.

And if you pre-order it now you can get a discount, and Jay's story in advance.

Here's the hype:

About METAtropolis:

Welcome to a world where big cities are dying, dead - or transformed into technological megastructures. Where once-thriving suburbs are now treacherous Wilds. Where those who live for technology battle those who would die rather than embrace it. It is a world of zero-footprint cities, virtual nations, and armed camps of eco-survivalists.

Welcome to the dawn of uncivilization.

METAtropolis is an intelligent and stunning creation of five of today's cutting-edge science-fiction writers: 2008 Hugo Award winners John Scalzi and Elizabeth Bear; Campbell Award winner Jay Lake; plus fan favorites Tobias Buckell and Karl Schroeder. Together they set the ground rules and developed the parameters of this "shared universe", then wrote five original novellas - all linked, but each a separate tale.

Bringing this audiobook to life is a dream team of performers: Battlestar Galactica's Michael Hogan ("Saul Tigh"); Alessandro Juliani ("Felix Gaeta"); and Kandyse McClure ("Anastasia 'Dee' Dualla"); plus legendary audiobook narrators Scott Brick (Dune) and Stefan Rudnicki (Ender's Game).

John Scalzi, who served as Project Editor, introduces each story, offering insight into how the METAtropolis team created this unique project exclusively for digital audio.

for 2008

Finish "The Tricks of London" (started)
Finish "Mongoose" (with truepenny (started))
Finish Chill (started)
Write S2 Shadow Unit episodes: "Lucky Day" (with coffeeem (started)); "Wind-Up Boogeyman"; "Smoke & Mirrors"

for 2009

Rewrite The Sea thy Mistress
Shadow Unit S3
Write Grail

When they get done:

Write "Smile" (Bone Garden) (started)
Write "Snow Dragons"
Write "The Horrid Glory of its Wings"

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