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"Please be greedy."

Well, one of the things about my process as a writer is that I have discovered that these days, I need to take time off between projects to refill the well. And so, after rather a long hiatus, I'm back to my Farscape rewatch. Cryptic notes to follow...

Rhapsody in Blue (1x13/12)
23 July 1999

In which Delvians get backstory, and some of them get hair. And John gets Dear Johnned.
Hey, a dream sequence opening! And everybody dreamed of their lovers.
"I am unimpressed by your masculine reveries."
Of course, Aeryn is sleeping in John's underwear.
"It's so perfect my teeth ache." "That's from all the sincerity."
I love how John is still holding on to his sense of wonder. "It's a squid calimari cucumber! And it's incredible!"
Love John's distorted reflection.
"You are the most bizarre creature I have ever met."
John's all in black, and the root of sanctity is toxic.
"Everybody's lost in this corner of the universe anyway."
Also, she can kill you with her brain.
Hee. Granpa Looney Tunes just walked past with a shoulderfull of poison root... twisted tree, not symbolic at all
Zhaan's blue and red and gold robes are gorgeous.
"I respect your choice of murder victims."
"Sanctity roots don't grown on trees."
Aww, Aeryn's phallic symbol fell apart.
"I don't have the strength to start again." Lady, remember who you're talking to.
Evil Zhaan is evil!
And Alex is a priest. Ooch, that smarts.
"Kill me? Cage me? Teach me tricks?"
"You wish to share unity with me?" See? Self-slashing.
"Your translator microbes handle that one."
Ooo, rough alien sex.
"With your father gone, he will need you to end his orchard."

Random Muppets: Total nutrition!
Bodily Fluids: n/a
Deaths of named characters: Pa'u Tuzak
Worldbuilding weirdness: Not only do some Delvians have hair, they also apparently have different skin tones. I still find it odd that plants have breasts, though.

Jeremiah Crichton (1x14)
30 July 1999

In which John is stranded on a planet, but not before taking his bad temper out on everyone.

"It's not always your fault. Just almost always your fault."
"Oh, God. I am a dead man."
Look. It's shirtless Ben! On the planet where everybody wears purple and vermilion.
"My hearts are private places." D'argo's loyalty is a thing of beauty.
This planet eats technology like I kill wristwatches.
"Something's draining all power." ooo, what was your first clue, Einstein?
D'Argo to the rescue! Aww. And ungrateful John is ungrateful. He gets all his exercise jumping at conclusions.
"You locate the target and I'll hit it."
Ahh, the Rygel as God trope. How often did this one get dusted off?
And Aeryn is picking up some tech skills, but not yet enough.
Why is it always a torturous death?
"Then? We're frelled."
"Now all we can do is wait."
"And pray for a miracle."
Rygel's political speech is painful. Indeed.

"I am but a worthy being like yourselves."

Random Muppets:
Bodily Fluids: Whatever is hung up in Moya's tubes. Ew. Rokon's blood.
Deaths of named characters: remarkably death-free, this ep.
Worldbuilding weirdness: Hinerian Empire backstory! I love the fact that this tiny transplanted population has managed to maintain distinct phenotypes.

(You can, of course, find earlier eps commented upon by following the obvious lj tag....
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