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You think I'm easy. I'm only easy because I let you win.

First, a note about the Webster:

Yes, that does say: NO MOSHING, STAGE DIVING, CROWD SURFING. Awwwwwwww.

Matt Nathanson and his band tonight at the Webster: thoroughly awesome.

For starters, the opening act, Jesee Baylin (and her band), was really quite good. And as for Mr. Nathanson himself... how to describe the experience of a Matt Nathanson concert?'s like hanging out with the neighborhood garage band, if the neighborhood garage band didn't suck, and was comprised of the funnest guy in your class and his three cute geeky friends. And it's really obvious how much Nathanson loves the music; not only does he do his own stuff, but--this is the garage band bit--the entire set winds up sprinkled with bits and pieces of other songs, some spontaneous, some part of the set list. There were accidental outbreaks of The Summer of '69 and The Jackson 5, for example, and completely calculated Rick Springfield and Big Country.

...not to mention the AC/DC and Dire Straits.

And of course such things as Angel, Car Crash, All We Are, &c.

Well, here, don't take my word for it:

Okay, neither of these were from the concert I was at, but there you go.

At least this is the right venue... *g* ...even if it is the wrong tour.
Thoroughly worth the four and a half hours I just spent standing up on a concrete floor... after hiking about six and a half miles (Up Mount Lamentation and a long the Metacomet Ridge, and not I'm not making that up).

Yeah, my feet are killing me.
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