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December 2021



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So I've got all the weird crap at the middle of the book done, and 2549 words for the day, which is pretty darned good. I'm stopping because I have done enough for today--I also critted a short story, a novelet, and a novel chapter for various crit buddies--and also because the boy is going to get pizza and then we are going to watch Jim Hensony stuff.

And I am going to read some Connie Willis short stories.

Because I am having serious SF withdrawal.

And life will be good, even if my tummy is all weird and I'm catching the boy's cold despite the orange juice.



ursa at wizard dot com

Rest! Fluids! Decongestants!


What I mean is, take care of yourself and get better soon. :)
I tried to sleep in this morning, but the dogs woke me up. Bastards. *g*

It's an endless war in the mornings between the dogs ("Get up! Get up!") and the cats ("Stay here and cuddle!")

In the morning, I like the cats better.
Cranberry juice is good for colds, I hear. And if you can stand the taste, echinacea tea. I don't buy into much homeopathic stuff, but that tea _works._

Feel better!
Zinc lozenges. I swear by them. Only you have to take them right at the very beginning of the cold for them to do much good.

Also echinacea pills, vitamin C (although not within an hour or so of the zinc, since C neutralizes it), and chicken soup.

Get better soon!
All of the above, yeah

And garlic and ginger, too.
I'll vouch for the echinacea too (although it works better if you start it ahead); mine is in combo with goldenseal, and then lots of C and fluids. And chicken soup.
Usually what I do is a cocktail of echinacea, red zinger tea (tons of vitamin C), goldenseal if I can be arsed to go get it, lemon, honey, and a touch of whisky if I can be likewise arsed. *g*

I also usually beat up my immune system with garlic, ginger, zinc lozenges, vitamins, and orange juice.

My body is scared to get sick. *g*


...well, I've sometimes wondered that myself. But I beat out a cold in two days finally, which I was very grateful for, especially listening to the coughing, sneezing, etc. going on around me in the endless meetings this week. Nothing like canned germ-filled air to test the immune system.

Hope you're feeling better. OT: I've been fairly impressed by your daily writing updates, are you always that productive? And other than LJ do you have any stories or other writing on-line?


>OT: I've been fairly impressed by your daily writing updates, are you always that productive?

Terrifying, isn't it? We've tried tying her hands behind her back, but then she just types with her nose...


Hey, I wrote Not A Word at Torcon.

(mumble)Although I did write on the plane.(/mumble)


It's the butt-in-chair thing. *g* My husband occasionally pushes food under the door: his emotional support and willingness to put up with my obsession with writing is in many ways how I can do this at all.

I didn't write for three years. 9/11 happened within a fortnight of my 30th birthday, and then I got laid off from my job--which I had gone out and gotten because I wanted a steady income and a sane life, and I had given the writing thing a crack back in the '90's and had only limited success.

And this thing kind of clicked in my head, and I realized, hmmm. There is no security. I may as well work my ass off at something I love as something that pays the bills. Since employment has been spotty since--this darn recession thing, and I am currently jobhunting again because my employer can't give me enough hours--I've had more time to write. But I've discovered that even working full time I can do it, as long as I shut down my email program and turn off the phone. *g*

As for what's published so far:

has a couple of online publications. My newer stories--what I think of as my better stories--aren't really selling yet: I think because they're a bit more challenging and I may not have mastered what I'm trying to do yet. But that's a pretty good representation of what I was doing oh, five years ago or so.

And that was much, much TMI *g*


And you also post a lot.

I love getting LJ fed into one of my email accounts. Unfortunately, I then loose track of things later. (This is because of the _vast_ volumn of online reading, not encroaching senility cough cough.)

But, seredipity, found it again. Thanks.

And this thing kind of clicked in my head, and I realized, hmmm. There is no security.

Yes, we also had multiple family members involved during and after the event. I won't discuss much online but very lightly, it had the same effect on me with different results. Also, we're over in Albany which was hit with an ice storm in April that knocked out power for 1-2 days. It was, well, rather cool. To a much lesser degree another reminder.

But, I like the way you've taken that and turned it. It's a quality I much admire. I'm in a holding pattern for a bit longer while I let Ben have what he needs to get a good root system going, also very rewarding in it's own way.

I'm afraid all bets are off after that. ;-)


See, that's teh smart way to do it. Following your bliss is great. But you can follow it off a cliff.

Re: Shhhh... I'm trying to read your work...

Magician follows The Fool.

(hope you understand tarot references... otherwise, you'll be wondering about the above)

In actuality, I'm fighting the pressure not to wait right now and, not bearing up well. Ben has indicated that he would much prefer us happy and poor. It's possible I may take him up on that, not as a writer though. My niches are in other directions.

Back to reading.

Re: Shhhh... I'm trying to read your work...

Poor is not so bad. Boring sometimes, but not so bad. *g*

And I follow.