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of course i've had it in the ear before

338.5 miles to Rauros.

Did four miles again this morning, but I only managed to run three of it; it's only 53, but apparently the additional 18 degrees makes all the difference in the world to my meat puppet; we'd prefer it in the thirties, thanks. I like my new running shoes, which are a not-terribly-expensive and very light and sproingy pair of Sauconys, which are mostly for street running but have a little tread for trail running as need be.

Today, I have to make a bunch of phone calls (Argh. Avoidant! Hate hate hate.) and do the last read-over of "King Pole, Gallows Pole, Bottle Tree," which has now completed its editing process. Also, I need to open up "Mongoose" and look at it and see if it's grown any more stuff.

That's like work, I guess.
Tags: get out in the park, the writer at work, walking to mordor bakson

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