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bear by san

March 2017



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muppetology cooking Bork! Bork! Bork!

it's allright, because it's midnight

I just filled up the crock pot with five and a half quarts of sliced apples, a cup of cider, three cinnamon sticks, five cloves, a star anise, and a third of a nutmeg, grated. Fresh applesauce real soon! The apples are Macintoshes, Macouns, Winesaps, and two sad looking Lodis that got lost in the back of the drawer for the last three months because they got displaced as eating apples when the Macs came in. Because let's face it, what Lodis have to recommend them is that they come in July.

They all needed to be used; I had something like six pounds of apples floating around, and I'm probably going to get more Macouns tomorrow, since they should be even better now that there's been a frost.

It is possible I have a crush on the girl at the fruit stand.

Yes. This is displacement activity. Why do you ask?


Hmm, I'd never considered how applesauce was made, before. Crockpot, huh? I may have to try that. What work do you have to do after it's done cooking?
You eat it.

I mean, you could put it through a food mill and take the skins out, if you were some kind of heathen.
Is she at least farmgirl hawt? ;-)
You can't see me now, but I am giving you The Look.

She's smokin'.
OMG I want to do this. But I have a close approximation of influenza at the moment, so what I am doing is laying on my butt wishing I had spicy noodles (which is the cure, you know, for the flu).

I don't have a star anise. I have EVERYTHING else.
First hint of plague? PHO!
Feeling vaguely out of sorts? PHO!
Can't afford sushi? PHO!

I am full of pho (not faux) woe (okay, more angst and phlegm, but work with me here) because the bastion of broth with spicy noodles nearest my home is no mo'.

The pho joint by my office is decent, but... just not quite as good. Also, to get there, I might as well go to work. The other place was less than five minutes away.
But it's DELICIOUS displacement activity!

You just reminded me of when my Grandma came to visit when I was a kid, climbed up our local crabapple tree, and we made crabapplesauce. She dyed it green, so as to make very clear it was CRABapplesauce.

So thank you for the memory.
mmmm. CRABapplesauce.

I think I like your grandma.
Not unless the apples aren't tart enough when it's cooked down a little.

Winesaps and Macouns are both quite tart, you see.
Huh. I never thought of using a crockpot to make applesauce, but in retrospect, it's obvious. My mother always did it over the stove.

There may be homemade applesauce in my future.
I so envy you your access to good apples.
Yes. This is displacement activity. Why do you ask?

Displacement activity is that thing you do when you're supposed to be doing something else? Like, say, cleaning the kitchen instead of finished the last 100 words?
Bingo! Or making applesause and answering lj comments instead of proofreading this story....
Oh, yum. :)
That sounds like a great excuse to buy apples Saturday at the farmer's market. Might even make enough to can.
Now see, you've made me all inspired to make apple butter - since I can get reasonable apples in Washington state, too.

As soon as the wretched head cold looses its grip.

mm. Apple butter.