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it's allright, because it's midnight

I just filled up the crock pot with five and a half quarts of sliced apples, a cup of cider, three cinnamon sticks, five cloves, a star anise, and a third of a nutmeg, grated. Fresh applesauce real soon! The apples are Macintoshes, Macouns, Winesaps, and two sad looking Lodis that got lost in the back of the drawer for the last three months because they got displaced as eating apples when the Macs came in. Because let's face it, what Lodis have to recommend them is that they come in July.

They all needed to be used; I had something like six pounds of apples floating around, and I'm probably going to get more Macouns tomorrow, since they should be even better now that there's been a frost.

It is possible I have a crush on the girl at the fruit stand.

Yes. This is displacement activity. Why do you ask?

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