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bear by san

March 2017



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stop me if you think you've heard this one before

Bear creates a world with an astonishing depth of mythology in a tale that begins with Ragnarok. Though Muire was the least of her sisters, she is the only one who survived the battle between the Light and the Tarnished. One of the sisters’ steeds also survived, in part because of the last miracle of the Light. Two thousand years later, it is nearly the end of the world again. This time, Muire stands to fight to the end. In the last city remaining on a dying planet, her enemies are old friends, one of whom was there the last time the world ended. The Technomancer, ruler of Eiledon, has gotten her power from a most unfortunate source, and the swords of Muire’s lost siblings are reappearing, as are their spirits. In an epic battle for the survival of life, Muire must overcome her conviction that she is the least of the Valkyries and transform into someone who can take on ancient powers. Bear’s world building echoes the best of Zelazny and pulls the reader into the story and the history until it’s over. Muire is, despite a certain difficulty in the beginning, one of Bear’s more interesting and likable characters, and the mythology Bear deploys promises further satisfying stories based in it.

Also, did I mention it's pretty?

God, I'm bored. Grow back faster, brain; I have a long-delayed novel I want to finish writing.


"Bear... echoes the best of Zelazny." Way to go, you. :)
Oh, yes, definitely.

That's a keeper!
That is a great cover!
(And a pretty nice writeup. Congrats.)
Oooh, that sounds very cool. Great review-and interesting cover-never seen a two-headed winged golden stag before! (is that part of Norse mythology? I don't remember that)
Well deserved, that review -- I could not put the book down, and when I did, I sulked because it was over. But, you know, manly, adult sulking.
You are the manliest of sulkers.

Re: manly adult sulking

Fwiw, had it ended there and not had a "tbc" attached, I would still have loved that book--it's not a gotcha end. The arc ends, it ends really well. The fact that the characters and their stories could continue didn't detract from that, for me.

Whereas, I did not read any Amber books until I had them all after I threw the first one across the room at the last page...
We want a poster for our living room of that cover art. :)
So pretty! Nice review too. Congrats!

Srsly I hope our pointing out the obvious awesomeness of your latest will help the brain grow back fast.
You complain about everything else...
I was just teasing you for negativity.
It's the ancient ancestor of the Valkyrie Fist Jab.
You could always go complain about it to the internet, I guess. If you're that invested in complaining.
Whoo hoo! Congratulations... Did I mention how much I'm aching to read this? :)

You, Madame, have just won the Internet!

Loved the review and shall purchase.

The cover art is winged-stagolicious.

A Valkyrie at the end of all things . . . oozes teh cool.
I really enjoyed reading Windwracked on the OWW. I'm glad to see it's finally in print - and with a great cover, too!
It's not a very similar book to those early drafts.
That cover is still made of the awesome that awesome things aspire to be made of.

Congrats on the review, and that is a lovely cover. It would make a great poster / computer wallpaper. :oD