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Yes, I realize that the restlessness and inability to concentrate are an inevitable part of the process my creative self goes through in between projects, and actually, this is a good sign. But it's boring.

Solution: more Farscape.

Durka Returns (1x15)
13 August 1999

In which even more crazy sadistic peacekeepers appear.

Every episode starts with rough flying, and Durka attended. The William. Shatner. School. Of acting.

Look! Nebari! And the first appearance of Chiana, in her blinky prisoner collar. Interesting cinematography in this sequence. I love her trousers.

Long white hair is synonymous with eeeeeeeeeeeeeevil.

The dialogue in this episode isn't all that impressive, but Crichton looks lovely running.

"Have I got a plan."

"Hey! Try not to fall out of the ship again." ...and thus does D'Argo leave the episode.

The slightly slowed-down creepy motion is kind of nifty.

Nice bodyslam, John.

"Frell that! He's going to kill us all anyway! Go get the bastard!"

"Pilot! Shut the doors!"

Random Muppets:
Bodily Fluids: Hynerian spit. Ew. Teal-blue Nebari blood. Moya internal wiring slime. More teal-blue Nebari blood.  It's a slime-rich environment, space.
Deaths of named characters: Salis
Worldbuilding weirdness: I wanna know what kind of crazy evolutionary process blinds you when you're pregnant. 

A Human Reaction (1x16)
20 August 1999

In which all wormholes lead to Earth, and the gaslighting commences!

"I changed my mind. You adapt to me."

John's first gray hair! Yeah, a ship full of crazy muppets could make anyone change color.

You know, the more I watch this show, the more convinced I become that it's actually a chronicle of Crichton's descent into schizophrenia, and none of this exists in objective reality. Yeah, think about it for a minute. Makes sense, doesn't it?

I love D'Argo walloping Rygel out of the way. And Zhaan and Crichton bid farewell.

Those Australians sure know how to greet an extra-terrestrial visitor. Tranq dart in the thigh, youbetcha.

Kent McCord's aging astronaut impersonation is a thing of beauty.

I love the crab checking out the USAF pin.

It's pretty cool hearing the crew without the translator microbes.

Alien autopsy!

Dad, they were willing to die for me!

Aeryn in the rain is awesome. "Is that what you call this? I like it!"

"You will have to kill me if they come to take me."
"I know."

Alien smooching! And Aeryn in way-too-big clothes. And a flowered dress. I rather wonder where the dress came from.

"Why are they all seven months old?!"

"But I've never been in there."

"I'm not your father."

Random Muppets:
Bodily Fluids:  John's blood. Fake Hynerian guts.
Deaths of named characters: Rygel, sort of.
Worldbuilding weirdness: Would a human tranquilizer even work on Hinerians? Marjools!Fellip nectar!
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