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it's going to take a big train to pull it back.

I'm posting this meme as an antidote for the incredible wall of crabby I am oozing from every pore tonight.

10 good things.

1. I had my yearly eye appointment today, and not only has my eyesight not degenerated significantly, it's possible my right eye has gotten a touch better.

2. I picked out a new pair of frames today, and they are funky enough to make Penelope Garcia jealous. They've plum and chartreuse, and they have filigree. And also they look fabulous on me.

3. The whole thing (eye exam, glasses, new contacts) cost under $500.00.

4. I got out of the auto repair shop for under $400.00, and the Moby Smurfberry has a clean bill of health. It needs new brakes and the headlights reground in about six thousand miles or two oil changes. Not bad for a car with nearly 150,000 miles on it. Go, Honda Nation. Also, I had the money to pay for both of these things this month.

5. I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow, or talk to anyone. And I can sleep in.

6. The cat is purring.

7. I had pretty good Mexican food for dinner tonight.

8. My upper body strength is starting to really develop. Climbing is good for that sort of thing. Apparently, I can do a one-armed bent-armed hang now. I found this out yesterday. So I'm officially stronger than I think I am.

9. Soon, I will have the brain for writing again. I can feel the stories starting to twitch under their cover of winter snow.

10. Saturday I get to go for a run in the morning, and then Saturday night I get Japanese food and also to see Crooked Still with kayselkiemoon.
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