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In an attempt to keep procrastinating as long as possible:

A link page that seems to be an attempt to collect the (un)official websites of everybody who could possibly be connected with spec fic in any capacity whatsoever. Just amazing.

I watched the first two episodes of the BBC In Search of Shakespeare with the boy last night. And we ate pizza. Michael Wood is a truly obsessed individual (mostly with Shakespeare's alleged Catholicism), and he doesn't understand Marlowe even a little bit (like many new converts to the Cult of Will, he seems to think that to elevate Will you have to denigrate Kit, which isn't the way it works at all), but the location shots are dead useful. I just wish there were more location shots and less maundering about "the old religion."

Of course, we're watching it in near black-and-white, because while we have a multiregion DVD player we do not have a PAL television. But such is life.

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