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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

In an attempt to keep procrastinating as long as possible:

A link page that seems to be an attempt to collect the (un)official websites of everybody who could possibly be connected with spec fic in any capacity whatsoever. Just amazing.

I watched the first two episodes of the BBC In Search of Shakespeare with the boy last night. And we ate pizza. Michael Wood is a truly obsessed individual (mostly with Shakespeare's alleged Catholicism), and he doesn't understand Marlowe even a little bit (like many new converts to the Cult of Will, he seems to think that to elevate Will you have to denigrate Kit, which isn't the way it works at all), but the location shots are dead useful. I just wish there were more location shots and less maundering about "the old religion."

Of course, we're watching it in near black-and-white, because while we have a multiregion DVD player we do not have a PAL television. But such is life.



It's a historical fantasy set around the turn of the 16th/17th century.

And yeah, people do try to tidy things up and choose sides. Absolutely! *g*

Re: Truth!

Funny, as it's a thriving subgenre. As are the near-historical or what I think of as "ahistorical" fantasies: the ones that aren't classical alternate histories, but use something that's almost but not quite a recognizable Earth historical setting--frex, Martha Wells' Death of the Necromancer and Guy Kay's Sailing to Sarantium.

There's a number of people in my writing workshop who do historical fantasy: this is my first actual historical, but most of my fantasy is pretty heavily researched, even the second-world stuff.

meritahut is working on a very good ahistorical fantasy involving a Roman Empire that never fell, circa 1300 I think, and another historical involving Marc Antony. You might want to talk to her: she's a classic scholar, and knows her stuff.

Re: Truth!

Not a problem.

Me, I have a hell of a time with horror. Don't click with it at all--or romance, for that matter.

Re: Truth!

Yeah, I love me a good love story, don't get me wrong. Casablanca. Sigh. But most HEA love stories aren't very good.

And my two most respectable pro sales were horror stories, even though I don't write horror. *g*

So what the hell do I know?

Historical fantasies

You can know of four others who are now, should you choose to do so.

Although ours are somewhat more recent.

Mostly 18th-early 20th century, with couple of forays into the 16th and 17th, I believe.

Re: Historical fantasies

::Exciting would be *one* word for it::

And half of everything you bring upon yourself, mon cher. All of you

Re: Historical fantasies

The long novel is about Shakespeare, Marlowe, Jonson, various Walsinghams and Cecils, and a series of mysteries and mytheries.

Calling it "Will & Kit's Excellent Adventure" isn't far off, especially if you remember that the original title of that movie was "Bill & Ted Go To Hell" *g*.

Other than that, I have a historical piece about Tycho Brahe and little green men out making the rounds.

I'm not sure what Rosamund and her company are working on.

Re: Historical fantasies

Well, I'm enjoined not to say too much on "The Thirteenth Hour", except that we all play in the same universe.

Souls, and Gates, and Love Under Will.

"Angels' Blood, Devils' Tears" and "Suffer the Innocent - Book Two" overlap with the Game between White and Black. ABDT has much Beyond the Glass (the other side of the mirror).

And STI is an odd beast ;). Kind of theological and blending (as ABDT does) recent and not so recent historical periods with fantasy. Probably be shelved under "Neither Fish nor Fowl" ::grin::

Three distinct stories that make up one. Hence the three Books.

If that made any sense whatsoever, or was anything resembling an answ
Have you ever read the Sandman comic,by Neil Gaiman? There are at least two major stories that involve Shakespeare.

One is in the graphic novel "Dream Country', the other is in "The Wake". Both are sandman collections.


There's not that much Shakespearean fantasy out there and I read Sandman when it came out (Somewhere I even have a copy of the incredibly hard to find issue #2. And the John Constantine issue).

While I think it's a bad idea generally speaking to read too much historical fantasy set in the time period that one intends to work it while one's formulating one's ideas--much better to get them from period sources, from nonfiction resources and so on: there's more hope of originality--it's also a good idea to check once you've got your own story settled out and make sure that you're not totally retreading ground that's already been covered.
Wow, that website links me, and I'm a pustule on a boil on the ass of SF.

I know

It links *me,* and I'm like the blackhead on that pustule.

The guy is thorough.

Re: I know

It also lists Christopher Marlowe. :)

Re: I know

Well, sure. *g* How did you think I found it?

PAL -- arrrgh!

This was something I didn't think about. And mostly it was the settings and stuff I thought were of interest. I also meant to ask you how you were getting on with Michael :o).

Re: PAL -- arrrgh!

Michael is more in need of a religious conversion than any white man in history.

What a geek *g*

Besides, he said mean things about my Kit.

Ahh, PAL vs NTSC

Something similar happened with an NTSC video of the scariy talented
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Something similar happened with an NTSC video of the scariy talented <ljuser="halflingmerry"> until Redfern fiddled the TV settings.

Only I don't remember what he did, so that probably doesn't help much :(

::giggles:: Yes, he did make rather a big deal of the whole Catholicism deal. Perhaps because it's something that not many people tend to touch on. He wanted his own "angle".

As opposed to ingles. ::sfx slapped wrist::

I just zinged about Kit while watching his episode and conspicuously *didn't* have slashy thoughts.


What do you mean, you don't believe me?

Re: Ahh, PAL vs NTSC

Bah. It's not slash if it's canon. *g* Prove to me Kit *didn't* sleep with everybody in Elizabethan England, and you'll have a case for slash.