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you don't have to live like a refugee

Well, I have Chill open, and I have not died.

I have even looked at bits of it, and reread my notes. And I still haven't died.

I may have been taking the crazy pills while I was working on it last winter, but I have to admit, my research notes to myself are pretty funny:

(No wonder Leviathan's pissed. God killed and ate its girlfriend.)
Okay, I amuse myself, anyway.

Right. Tristen, sweetie, this time you're going to give Mama some sugar, aren't you? That's right. Be a good boy.

I think for further displacement activity, I need to find the copy of Dust I marked up and then make a playlist. As soon as I finish rereading my notes on the Book of Job. know, why did it only just occur to me that using that as a source for the mythology of a book was just, like, inviting trouble?
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