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bear by san

March 2017



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writing edda of burdens fenris wolf

"prince tristen," the angel said, "there are complications, sir."

Well, I haven't written anything. But I have read over my notes, found my annotated copy of Dust, made up a playlist for Chill, and carried 48 hardcover books up two flights of stairs.

...Yup. All the Windwracked Stars is in the house! Which means your local bookstore, if they happen to be shelving a bit early, could have copies any day now. Official pub date is a week from Tuesday, however.

I'm so totally geeked about this one, guys. You have no idea.

I almost want to reread it. And y'all know how much I hate rereading my own work. Yeah, that's how excited I am.

Okay, now my job for the afternoon is to look at my notes in Dust and start going through the bits of Chill I do have written. Also, I appear to have figured out what the mammoth was for.

Which makes me happy, because I was afraid I was going to have to cut it.

Also, I realized what another part of the problem I was having with this book is: it's the title change. This is the first book of mine that's had its title changed by editorial fiat before I finished writing it, and it's throwing me off. (Original titles for the series were Pinion, Sanction, and Cleave; as you know, Bob, these have been mutated by editorial whim to Dust, Chill, and Grail.) So my head is trying to write a book called Chill, and since that's not the right title--as far as the lizard running the story engine is concerned--it's like trying to drive in the dark in Louisiana while steering by a map of Poughkeepsie. You keep running off the side of the road, and you're constrained from going very fast.

So I am giving myself permission to refer to this book (in my head, and possibly in this blog) as Sanction, and I will just hope that will serve as a proper road map.

Who knows, maybe someday when I'm famous, I can re-issue them under the right titles.


When you're famous? Your name is already known among readers of quality fiction.

I'm enjoying Undertow right now.
I really loved DUST, by the way; powered through in in about two evenings and two round-trip train trips, and enjoyed every second. You earned the ending.
Ditto. It made a work trip to Las Vegas bearable.
Am looking forward to the sequel to DUST so much that I'm not even going to try and inveigle you into test-reading THE FULLER MEMORANDUM ...!
Oh, fire it over. No promises, but I can't write *all* the time.

Or, its real name is Sanction and its porn alias is Chill. *ducking and sneaking off*
A mammoth? full size of miniature? fangirl earsplitting squeaky squee for a mammoth in Chill.

I loved Dust. I look forward to Chill.
I just want to say:


All the Windwracked Stars is in the house!

Yay!!! I was asking about that last night at Pandemonium. I shall call now and see if they have received it.
Your titles are cooler. Among other things it must be jarring to have your nice verb-titles (yes I know Pinion in context is a proper name, but still) forcibly turned into noun-titles.

Technically, Chill can be used as a verb ...
I'll remember to re-label the cover accordingly.
Pinion makes much more sense.
Here's what the OED has as their earliest cite:

1577 B. Googe Heresbach's Husb. iv. (1586) 169 They that meane to fatte Pigions..some..do softly tie their Legges:..some vse onely to pinion them.

Your titles make more sense. And I am so looking forward to both ATWWS and Chill Sanction, I could burst. But that would be messy. :p
All The Windracked Stars is out? Dude, I can't afford any more of your books! Why are you doing this to me?!

You know how much pull I have with publishers at my current sales level?

*holds up fingers a third of an inch apart*
Aww. I have a moderate number of loyal, smart, attractive, and much-appreciated fans, is what I have.
I sanction that subterfuge. Chill.

May somedaay when I'm Famous,

Too Late - You're already there.
Smiles for you and your sore arms after carrying books up two flights of stairs.

Heh. Pre-ordered Windwracked so it should show up any old time.

But felt quite smug upon discovering that the local library *also* expects it any old time.
I'm glad about the mammoth.
i have to say your titles connect and resonate with me more than their titles. yours give an ephemeral hint of the essence. i find that the publishers choices are somewhat dry.

i'll be looking forward to the day you have more pull. i think it'll be an awesome thing

going back to quietly enjoying your words :) &off to hunt down your newest paper child. thank you for writing
*takes copious notes for archival arrangement*

Your scholars will love this. Trust me.

Now you know how perilous the retroactive continuity of that mammoth really was.
If they don't have it, lemme know, and I will send you one.

Official laydown date is Tuesday, but you never know.
(Yeah, it's kind of the end of an era, somehow, innit?)