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bear by san

March 2017



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muppetology beaker meep meep

We can't stop here. This is bat country.

I got desperate enough to take Sudafed. Those of you who have ever seen me on an ephedrine reaction will understand just how desperate that is. (I had been forced to replace my handkerchief with a kitchen towel.) Let's just put it this way: when I was a kid, my mother stopped giving me pseudephedrine because, in her words, "It makes her cut the ears off bunnies."*

So if I seem bitchy and out of sorts even bitchier and more out of sorts than normal, you know the cause. Well, that and being woken up at three AM by menstrual cramps and the Snot Fairy. SRSLY. I haven't had snot this bad since mono: Ihad to put a towel over my pillow. Do not want.

(Madagascar is closing its ports even as I speak.)

Okay, time to try to get through a chapter and a pot of tea before it's time to go to Crooked Still and infect the rest of the Eastern Seaboard with this thing.

*No actual rabbits were harmed in the making of this anecdote.


(do you think Bear likes apple wafers?)
Ah, sudafed!

Thankfully hypertension gives me an excuse to avoid it like the plague (it ups your blood pressure about 10-20% -- a really bad idea in my case).

If you think you've ever seen me manic and hyper, you haven't seen me on sudafed.
This is the first time I've taken it in something like fifteen years. If phenylephrine worked, I would never touch the poison.

Actually, so far, no ephedrine rages. But the dose is young...

You should see me react to the ephedrine in novocaine. Tachycardia, cold sweats, the whole enchilada.

*g* I never had the urge to try speed, somehow.
I share that reaction to pseudoephedrine (and I'm on a full dose of it now, and I can tell... I'm vibrating) — but for draining? It usually makes it worse. Pseudoephedrine to make congestion drain, antihistamines (if they work... they rarely do for me) to slow/stop draining. (My fun for the past couple days is pressure, sinus headache, and dizziness.)

My ephedrine reaction isn't vibration.

It's to become a sociopathic psycho.

Actually, no. Antihistamines stop histamine reaction (thus the name.) Guaifenesin and so on are mucal thinners: they make you drain better. Pseudephedrine is a decongestant; it dries you out.

I tried benadryl last night and this morning; no sauce, though it did take down the inflammation in my tonsils a little.
teresa says too bad you are so far away, you could have some home made chicken soup.

Poor grumpness... (exudes sympathy from a safe distance)
mmm chicken soup.

I'm gnawing on pickled garlic, drinking hot pepper/ginger tea, and later will have wasabi.
I thought sudafed was a decongestant. Decongestants won't stop the snot. You need an antihistamine for that.

I've tried a bunch of stuff and I keep coming back to actifed (generic). It's half antihistamine and half decongestant.

Benadryl works, too, but most people get sleepy from that.
Let's just put it this way: when I was a kid, my mother stopped giving me pseudephedrine because, in her words, "It makes her cut the ears off bunnies."

*spits out coffee by laughing*

I am very glad your mother and my mother don't live closer together and, like, share stories or anything. Eeee. *dies again*
That sounds unpleasant. I hope you feel better soon.
Upmod for Madagascar reference :)
You are even funnier when you are suffering. Despite this, hope you feel better soon.
T feels your pain. He has the thing that's been going round and has taken to singing a little song that I believe is based on something by Bessie Smith. It goes:

"I've god de sdots.
I feel so LOATHLY."

Er, that's it.
loathly as a worm. Amen.
I'm always happy to find somebody else who has the same issue- the full range of non-drowsy decongestents, anything remotely close to mucinex/guaifasen, etc. Instant paranoid nutjob.

I've gotten to the point where I tell every doctor and list it as an allergy. Because it may not kill me, but i will wish it had.

Indirectly, it got me sent to the emergency room in January- i got the flu, I took some gatorade and leftover vicoden, and went to bed to sleep it off.
No cold meds. And no non-narcotic painkillers. Wound up with a fever of 103- mainly because nothing I was taking had a fever reducer in it.

My sympathies.
Whew. Glad you made it through that.

Man, do I know how that feels.

The last time I took pseudoephedrine I would up shaking uncontrollably in the school infirmary with my blood pressure through the roof. After the first hour or so they stopped trying to convince me it was a panic attack and offered to take me to the hospital, but by that point there wasn't much else to do but wait for it to wear off.

The horrible thing was, the only reason I'd taken more than the half-dose I had been using was because the nurse at the infirmary *gave* it to me. Never again. Now I just say I'm allergic and everyone's much happier, me especially. (Although I miss the effectiveness. Guaifenesine is Not The Same.)
Yeah. Fortunately, I seem to be getting off easy this time--only one five minute spate of racing heart and shortness of breath, and no murderous impulses!
I can directly relate to only one half of this, but boy, can I relate to the allergy issue...

Here's an amusing vignette on the other half, though:

The scene is Bearsden, Scotland. Myself and katfeete are there for a week, for a friend's wedding. Except that certain schedules happen to coincide, and off in search of painkillers we go.

You know what they give you as over-the-counter, baseline cramp relief medication in Scotland? Paracetamol, 500mg. Codeine phosphate, 8mg.

No alcohol was consumed that day.
I can't add much here. I turn into a complete and utter non-tough-guy when the Snot Fairy visits.

*shares ginger tea*
Oh, I feel for you. I have something similar. My period triggers my IBS. Why do our bodies seem to work against us! I hope you feel better.