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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Public service announcement

I just took thirty names off my "friends" list. Which is a stupid name for the list. But there you have it.

Having taken them off (or kept them on) has nothing to do with how worthy I find you as a person. Rather, it has to do with whether I have enough time to actually read all the posts of all the people on my friends list, which I don't. Please, please don't take it personally: it's just that things were getting out of hand, and I was in danger of spending more time reading ljs than writing.

Which cannot be permitted to happen, I fear.


Ooh, thank you! I'm one of the lucky ones to have been left on! I'm obviously saying something that you find moderately interesting and/or mildly witty. Whatever it is I shall endeavour to continue in a similar or better vain... :)
I feel flattered, too; but then I wonder if maybe my prose isn't sufficiently captivating to constitute a distraction. :)
No, no! LJ is for relaxing and socialising and throwing up interesting thoughts, but it mustn't interfere with vital writing. Oh, dear no.

The reason I'm here is because Usenet was swallowing far too much of my time. Having gone cold turkey on rec.arts.sf.composition (at least at home, I read via Google groups on work days), I needed something in the way of e-socialising that wouldn't suck me in in the same way. So far it seems to be working, but I'm keeping my friends list at a very modest level.
I am such a sad person: I immediately checked to see if I was still on.
That was my response too. :)
And mine. :)
It was mine as well. I guess I'm not alone in that.
Ditto me.

You people are all very silly

Charming, but silly. *g*

Anybody who comments fairly regularly was kept, so I would know what y'all were up to behind my back *g*

Re: You people are all very silly

Heh. That explains why I'm still on, even though I don't have an active journal!

Okay, back to defining the range of a distribution ... Oh please I hope we get to the interesting stuff SOON in this course!! I was led to believe spatial statistics was difficult and I'm being bored to death!!

-- end gripe --


Re: You people are all very silly

...what are you holding?

Or should I not ask?

Re: You people are all very silly

Well, it doesn't matter if you like me or not, as I see it. It only matters if you have any interest in reading my nonsense braindumps. *g* And I can't usually see why anybody would want to do that!

Re: You people are all very silly

for certain values of interesting, sure. *g*

Re: You people are all very silly

They're cedar waxwings. *g*

Three of them.

Re: You people are all very silly

Oh. I thought they were soap.

Actually, I imagine I'm probably posting too much for lots of people who friended me. I tend to do that.
Yes, your stuff is aggravatingly interesting and has me chasing links all over the country, too. *g*

So I think I have to save you for weekends.
Well, we're even - I think your stuff is damn interesting too.

I have a few around the house...
Cedar waxwings, links, or weekends?
books, oh wise one.
I thought this would amuse you...


I also seem to appear in a lot of geneologies, which is something of a surprise....

Re: *snerk*

well, college took me that way too ;)

Re: *snerk*

It's more of a trick for a girl, though....

Re: *snerk*


I am a girl?

Re: *snerk*

I absolutely refuse to believe that Easter Island statues are girls.


You know...

I don't know if you even read mine, so I guess I'm off. *Makes sad face* But then again, that means you have more time to finish SM *Makes happy face*.

Ah, who cares. I post like once every full moon anyway .