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It's 2:22 am and all's well.

I got done what I needed to get done, which makes me a Happy Bear. Various items returned to Subterranean Press, much work done on the Evil Novel, and a case of sleep soon to be succumbed to. I've made the last two hours of proofreading on sheer willpower. Kept finding stupid word rep and continuity errors, and not a few typos. How many times has this book been gone over now? Anyway, der Druckfehlerteufel obviously visited in the night, bringing with him an assortment of problems.

I fixed all I found, but no doubt more will arise in the night.

(People who have never worked in publishing or film complain about the omnipresence of continuity and editing errors. People who have done it marvel at how few there are. Seriously; try it some time. Until you have, you have no idea.)

In any case, having accomplished what I set out to do today yesterday, it's time for me and my cold to go to bed. Well, okay, I'm in bed, and have been for hours. But it's time for us to fall asleep, and see if we can rest enough to be cured tomorrow so we can go climbing. Because otherwise we shall be sad.
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