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true blood 1x07

If I never see Bill's tongue in extreme closeup again, it will be too soon.

Okay, so there is one African-American in Bontemps who isn't related to Tara, and she's a voodoo stereotype. Le sigh.

Jason raises TSTL to an art form. I swear, it burns whenever he's on screen. And apparently, the Evil Vampires raided 1978 for their clothes. Malcolm, in that terrible burned-velvet shirt.

And Sam, losing cool points with every breath he takes. Okay, he's cuter than the vampire, but the temper is an issue.

Didn't we do this plotline on Buffy already?

Also, I feel constrained to mention that nobody lives in Storrs, Connecticut. It's a university campus.

...hey. at least somebody remembered stop, drop, and roll.

Andy's ringtone, however? Perfect. Three points.

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