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bear by san

March 2017



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god said don't give me your tin horn prayers

Why must AVG freak out every single time it tries to download an update? Oh, AVG. Why you gotta treat me so mean?

So I went climbing tonight, despite not being a hundred percent, and it went surprisingly well for a sick girl. Neil put up a new route that's not hard--it's a 5.7- -- but it's totally tricky and thinky and awesome and fun. I had no wind, and I had to do a lot of dogging on the rope because of that, but I figured it out and pretty much sailed up it, even the tricky bits. And that made me happy enough that I didn't even mind burning the hell out on the other new route I tried, so bad I couldn't finish my third route, which is a 5.7 I've done a bunch of times.

Okay, so I have a new project wall, and the climbing was pretty fine.

Today, I like my life.


Nope, it happens to me, too.

In my case, I don't think my computer connects to the internet quite fast enough for AVG's liking (I have a persistent problem with my computer forgetting my wireless network's password).
Are you using the free version? We found that it frequently timed out while trying to contact the update server.
Irrelevant to post:
I tried to go buy All the Windwracked Stars today at my favorite locally-owned bookstore... and they didn't have it yet. Sad Gastronomer.
The woman at the desk said it looked like the distributer's warehouses on the west coast didn't even have it yet.

Official release date is a week from tomorrow. Be brave!!!
Really? I asked her to look it up, and she said the computer said it was today.
I don't feel nearly so bad now. I was just too early. I have a new Patricia McKillip to console myself with in the mean time.
I switched to AVAST about a year ago. No muss, and it's free.
I was sick of having AVG freak out on me so I found out about Avast (also free) through a friend in the computer business and I'm in the process of switching over.

Just an idea/suggestion, I suppose. :)
Mmmmm, new project.

(I still think mournfully of one of my past projects, which got re-set before I finished it. But it was so pretty ...)
Why must AVG freak out every single time it tries to download an update? Oh, AVG. Why you gotta treat me so mean?

AVG has been doing that to me lately too, but I thought it was probably just something wonky with my Internet connection.

Hi there, I'm reading Ink and Steel at the moment. Thought I'd add you, if that's okay. *waves hi*
Hi! Nice to meet you. And absolutely, it's a public blog.
I haven't had any problems with AVG. And it was the only thing that got IE Defender out of my system. (I hit a link to a porn site...you know, just out of curiosity...and my computer caught a social disease.)

What system is the um, hardness scale? Wikipedia, as its custom is, is of limited usefulness.