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"I wonder if this place was ever nice."

Too much boyfriend. Not enough Wil Wheaton. Even if I do like the cast-against-type of Mapother.

Criminal Minds 4x04, "Paradise," written by Debra J. Fisher and Erica Messenger, directed by John Gallagher

Ooo, and today we're ruining AC/DC... wait! You can't ruin AC/DC by combining it with violent imagery! Score!

You know what this episode needed? A logging truck. Everybody knows logging trucks are the rogue Deus ex machina of the freeway.

The truck driver's call-in is remarkably uninformative. And Sin City is Las Vegas, last I checked, not Reno. Also, Clark County is in southern Nevada--it's where they keep the tall buildings and the tax base. However, all geographic quibbling aside, I feel pretty darned bad for the trucker. And desert roads really are slick as ice in the rain.

"That sounds like a party."
"You're so not invited."
Nice little character bit there. I'm with Reid on the need for Indian food at all hours of the night and morning.

 I'm sort of sad I don't have my Prentiss "Good mother is bad mother unto me" icon loaded currently....

JJ says Nevada in the manner that makes Nevadans cringe. They prefer a pronunciation as far from the original Spanish as possible.

Oh, look, another semi! They're thematic.

Bates Motel: No Vacancy. Oh, look, a slasher parody! I'm not having a lot of luck with the chemistry between the husband and wife here, I'm afraid, which means that their scenes drag a lot.

I love JJ trying to protect her unborn child from the murder talk. And Reid being protective is cute. Cute in an "I'd have slugged him" kinda way.

Oh, you people who sleep recreationally. I share her frustration. *g*

Rossi has found a use for DHS! You knew there had to be one! Raiding the NSA for satellite photos of crime scenes!

Semi! And the truck driver struggling with his emotions to do the right thing. This scene feels a little stiff to me, when I wanted it to be understated and powerful.

Prentiss spots the escape route.

Hotch groping around trying to deal with the father's grief, and his inappropriate rage at the truck driver. And the dad is great, breaking down as he's forced to remember a specific detail of her life. That stings. "My baby has--had--"
My show understands the aftermath of violence.

I love the waitress.

Ooo, creepy breakfast delivery. And the growing sense of something wrong....

Ooo, Sherwood, another oddly named town. We must be in an episode of Criminal Minds.
"Remind me to have her drug tested." Oh, I'll just let that meta sit there. Low-hanging fruit.

Look, it's like three slasher movie parodies in one!

Ooo, JJ with the pregnancy nausea. Poor thing.
And Reid to JJ's defense again. "She's pretty tough."

Ian, what did you THINK the pad under a motel cabin would be?

Of course it's Prentiss and Reid talking about the Destroying Mother. Greenscreen, drink!

Ooo, finger bits. Silence of the Lambs shout-out. I've lost track of how many slasher flicks we have now lampooned this ep--Saw and Hitchhiker and Psycho and the one about the hotel room...

Footwork montage! Yeah, Rossi is still improving. Keep growing on me, Dave.

"Just me and the old lady." Heh.

The shot of slanting light across Reid and JJ is really nice.

...and Prentiss cracks the case. "This sexual aspect didn't show up overnight."

My god. Reid is wearing a tie tack. Does he have a secret girlfriend?

Cop: "Pervert"
Hotch: "Serial sex offender with an underwear fetish."
Oh, I love you when you correct the bystanders' misguided value judgments, Aaron.

"I regrouped, I looked at some pictures of baby pandas..." Garcia <3

"Sounds like a power reassurance rapist."
"Last victim wasn't his."

Uh oh. UNSUB with a baseball bat, never a good sign. There's your blunt force trauma, man.

"Look for an intellectual component."
"He's in here somewhere."

Floyd Hansen, as expected, rocks. I know it's an ongoing CM trope, but I love the well-beloved actors playing psychotic killers schtick. It works on me every time. And plays into the whole "I'm a sociopathic killer. They look like everybody else." theme.

The familiar face with a monster behind it--and that's a great way to do it.

Hotch, beating himself up. Yeah, because the whole type A overcontrol/total responsibility thing worked out so well for Elle, and Reid, and Gideon, and... just about everybody else.
"It's like Floyd Hansen never had a chance."

"That would really be something."
I love the line, "Someone always gives up."

That's an awful big phallic symbol you've got there, Floyd. (Wil, if you are reading this, you are totally kicking ass playing against type, man. I wouldn't get into an elevator with you. Also, the mocking delivery is creepy and evil. *checks to see if chain is on door*)

"He's been at this longer than we thought."

Morgan with a prybar? Oh, how the mighty have fallen.
You're not supposed to make promises, Emily.

Semi ex machina! Perhaps a bit much in the poetic justice department, though.

Rossi? Totally made of win in this scene.  "It happens to the best of us. Welcome to the club."

"You have a list?"
"You don't?"
Ehe. Perfect.

Yeah, Hotch. Let it go, man. Breathe. You don't need the drinking problem that comes with that kind of baggage. You already have the sleepless nights and the trauma hair.

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