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bear by san

March 2017



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If you go here, and click on the icon on the top that says "6459K" and then click on the purple and burgundy dot all the way at the right hand end of the line at the bottom of the screen, you can see my shiny new eyeglasses.

Yes, they are fabulous.


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Even *Hafs* is jealous.

I am afraid they are too sexy for my face.
Those *are* fabulous.
Penelope Garcia would love them.
Oooo, I rather like those!
Your dual citizenship cleared, didn't it? ;-)
Those are most excellent.
Those are fabulous.
Ooooooooh. *is envious*

Those are like, thirty different flavors of awesome. With whipped cream.

*wonders if her vision plan allows new frames this year*
6459 K, that’d be a class F star, yellow-white subgiant... oh, glasses! Nifty. Can you see the decorative panel in your peripheral vision?
As a blur. *g* It's no more distracting than glasses-arms, and actually a little less so, because there's a gap between the top and the bottom of the arm.

I mean, I've been wearing glasses since first grade. I no longer notice the frames unless I look for them.
Those are teh bomb!

Those are, in fact, utterly fabulous.
Spectacles have improved a LOT in the past ten years.
Very cool!

Shiny, shiny, shiny!!!
Super cute! I, too am in need of new glasses. Unfortunately my face is as awkwardly sized as everything else on me, and I tend to look good in things somewhere between children and adult sizes. I found one pair I loved but they were $250 for the frames alone and I really shouldn't be spending that with wedding and house buying coming up.

I'm totally jealous of adorable new glasses.

Oh *my*.

*is envious* (I'd want the grey, though.)
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