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bear by san

December 2021



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writing dust bible 'house of dust"

the poacher and his daughter throw soft shadows on the water

Chill Sanction Chill (Has that stopped being funny yet?)

Oh, hey! On this page, I could write. I love it when I find a page where I could write.

Scripture was comforting in direct proportion to its bitterness upon the tongue.

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Partially because apparently, in this chapter I remembered how to write, I only added 262 words today, but I did get all the way through Chapter 12, which means tomorrow I start with Chapter 1 and the Dostoevsky quote. I love the chapter epigrams for these books: they're way too much fun. So, not too bad a result for a day when I was distracted and out of sorts and just generally failing the sit down and work test.

And now I am ravenous, in part because my body did not feel like finishing its lunch, despite me feeding it and everything--and I am also still feeling kind of exhausted and sickly. Which I think calls for something spicy for dinner. Probably involving hot sauce. Since I don't have any cheddar.

I meant to get to the grocery store today--I need milk AND butter AND eggs AND cheese, which is pretty much an unsupportable position.

But at least I have sweet cider.

God, I love this time of year.


Scripture was comforting in direct proportion to its bitterness upon the tongue.

*puzzled* So the more bitter and cruel Scripture is, the more comforting it is? Or am I reading this sentence wrong?
Try it again next year, with context. *g*
I tell you, I renamed the stupid file, and the stupid book is behaving. I still don't love it, but I'm on page 233 of the revision of the partial draft, and I think I can finish it this time. It feels like an actual book, and not a husk filled with hate.
This is goodness.
It still doesn't feel like a GOOD book, mind you. but thank dog it's not my job to decide that.
Heh - in fact, I think I've seen you muse about the weirdly disproportionate relationship between how good you think a book is, and how well it's received. I'd have to go and hunt it up, though.
Chill Sanction Chill

Still funny. Still true.

Marketing and my editors change every single one of my non-fic titles, leaving them good for nabbing readers but lousy at reflecting the actual contents. I spend about five minutes explaining the name change to workshop attendees when someone brings the not-very-appropriate title up and they all go, "Oooooh! You know, that would have been much more appropriate," and I say, "I KNOW!" and there is much mutual pulling out of hair.

Too bad these book things have to actually sell. People should just throw money at us for producing them instead.
P.S.: I promise that I shall always think of this book as Chill. In fact, I always forget that it's been renamed.

Also, cider FTW! Most excellent mulled with lemon and a cinnamon stick, and a random clove.