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the poacher and his daughter throw soft shadows on the water

Chill Sanction Chill (Has that stopped being funny yet?)

Oh, hey! On this page, I could write. I love it when I find a page where I could write.

Scripture was comforting in direct proportion to its bitterness upon the tongue.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
283 / 400

Partially because apparently, in this chapter I remembered how to write, I only added 262 words today, but I did get all the way through Chapter 12, which means tomorrow I start with Chapter 1 and the Dostoevsky quote. I love the chapter epigrams for these books: they're way too much fun. So, not too bad a result for a day when I was distracted and out of sorts and just generally failing the sit down and work test.

And now I am ravenous, in part because my body did not feel like finishing its lunch, despite me feeding it and everything--and I am also still feeling kind of exhausted and sickly. Which I think calls for something spicy for dinner. Probably involving hot sauce. Since I don't have any cheddar.

I meant to get to the grocery store today--I need milk AND butter AND eggs AND cheese, which is pretty much an unsupportable position.

But at least I have sweet cider.

God, I love this time of year.
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