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The "Campaign for the American Reader" blog has applied their Page 69 test to All the Windwracked Stars, and written to ask me a couple of questions about it.

You can read about it here, and read the actual page 69 of AtWS here, along with my comments.

I am much amused.

Kind of a lame run this morning, but at least I got out there. Now I am sitting here trying to work up the enthusiasm to go take a shower, and also contemplating doing something with my derelict Blogger account and my even more derelict myspace page, which I only have so that I can check out band pages, and have never done anything with. I mean, absolutely nothing.

But god, myspace is so ugly. And the ads are so intrusive. Ugh. 

I dunno what I could do with this. I guess I could make it all newsy and pimptastic or something. Hmm. This bears considering.
Tags: edda of burdens, narcissism

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