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bear by san

March 2017



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sf star trek horta/spock

gold and silver blind the eye. temporary riches lie.

I know I twittered this, but it bears repeating: Incoming thunderstorm + roofers attempting to nail giant blue tarp over partially rebuilt burned house across street = COMEDY GOLD!

Yes, it does.

Okay, I was productive today in a nonwriting sort of way. Which is to say, I ran two miles, roasted a chicken, picked the chicken, started stock with the bones, put together a pan of green chili enchiladas ala cvillette (although I did not have black beans, so I used red kidney beans) which are now in the oven, actually did some work on that vacant hole of a Myspace page--though I have to figure out how to change the page defaults--and put up a blog entry over there and a couple of links. So, you know, if you do the Myspace thing, there is content there now. It's not likely to get chatty, mind you--I have plenty of other places to be chatty--but for concentrated OMG ELIZABETH BEAR FAMUS RITER stuff, that would be where to look.

All the cool kids come over here, though.

As long as I'm outing my online presences, I have an icanhascheezburger account, too, under the predictable name. It's definitely quality over quantity, though. *g* Still, there are a couple of lolz there.

Also, I did a phone interview about All the Windwracked Stars (gee, you'd think Amazon could get the Publishers Weekly and Booklist reviews up or something) with the charming Shaun Farrell of Adventures in SciFi Publishing, which was a lot of fun and we were hard-pressed not to run over out allotted time by, like, a lot. (He assures me that the interview in question will be live sometime this week.)

(It occurs to me that if everybody who reads this blog bought a copy, we could sell through the advance in like, a week. And probably put the damned thing on the NYT extended list. *g* Okay: you know what to do. [Hey, it works for public radio. And I nag a lot less than they do.])

Oh, and truepenny has an interesting post about modern constructions of motivation in the principals of the Salem witch trials, here.

Man. That tarp is still flapping. Spectacular.

And I still need to water the plants.


It occurs to me that if everybody who reads this blog bought a copy, we could sell through the advance in like, a week.

I wish I could! Sadly, I don't live in a country where ATWS will be available anytime soon, and Amazon international shipping charges are kind of prohibitive. This is, however, exactly the kind of problem that Festivities of Light Returning in the Dead of Winter are designed to solve. ::grin::

and hey - I was just in the States, and I came home with all of The Stratford Man*, New Amsterdam, and a MMPB of that wolf book, 'cause I seem to have misplaced my hardcover.

*About which I have this to say: "Oh, Kit."
"Oh, Kit," is officially the refrain of that book.

I said it enough writing the thing.
Wow, sounds good. Maybe you should invite me over for dinner.

Okay, it's time for me to switch you to hardcover anyway

Re: Okay, it's time for me to switch you to hardcover anyway

*g* well, it's my first hardcover original from a major publisher, so now is a good time. (Thank you)

Re: Okay, it's time for me to switch you to hardcover anyway

honestly? I had remembered Carnival and Undertow as being hardcover, too... Oh well.

I loved the excerpt you linked us to, so I'm sure to enjoy this - thank YOU for writing something I'll like.

Re: Okay, it's time for me to switch you to hardcover anyway

I ordered it ages ago, too. (Locus has those handy lists of upcoming publications!) It's on an order with the new T.A. Pratt, though, so I might not get it as soon as I might have otherwise.

(Also very much looking forward to the new Abby Irene, also preordered.)
Only ever made one "cheezburgr" macro and it's only funny if you can spot certain religious affiliations (and associated dietary laws) on sight.
haha, hopefully the hole in the roof has gotten smaller since last week. (and 'by hole in the roof', we mean missing roof.) XD

one of these days I must learn to make bread, and actually carry through all the steps correctly. I've had several starters of friendship bread, but get defeated before day 10 of the starting due to forgetfulness. I should try again; it is delicious.
would you prefer i buy it through amazon.com or through my local store? (Powell's books). not sure how each gives up sales info to publishers.

but ever since i saw the cover and synopsis you posted, oh, months ago, i've been sold on this book. it looks awesome.
Oh, by all means, support Powell's. We approve of independent bookstores.

And thank you. *g*
... cvillette's deleted his journal?

Anyone know if he's okay?
There's some discussion of just that topic on the SU BBS, currently....
On the other side of the fourth wall: I applaud you (the collective SU "you") for a beautifully sneaky move. Such a precise early 21st-century detail: the abrupt deletion of a blog/journal as a sign of ... well, whatever.

*hopes fervently that he's just gafiating*
When/Why did cvillette get deleted?
There's some discussion of that on the BBS currently, since you mention it...
Did my part on buying the book - my local B&N had two copies, now they have one.:)
Also talked it up to the clerk, who looked at the cover and went "ooh, pretty picture and I like the title." So I spent a couple minutes telling her how awesome your books were, really, go read them.
AW. Thank you.