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3/4th of a book. And now I should probably eat something. And play with my new camera, since it appears that the battery is charged. (I did, indeed, wind up with a Canon PowerShot, and thanks everybody for the advice.)

To celebrate, one last blurry cameraphone shot of Herself.

Yeah, that pretty much explains why she got too old for roasting ,despite being composed of fluff, pure ebil, and neutronium.

In other news, my old climbing shoes came back from the resoler (I looked harder, and it turns out they were resolable. Curse you, lying misinformed guy at the gym! I used Rock and Resole, and they appear to have done a pretty nice job. So woot!)

Also from the UPS guy today, the last two Best of Baen's Universe anthologies, much-delayed, in each of which I have a reprint.

All and all, I think it's time to eat.
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