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the night comes again to the circle studded sky...

So, I went to Guideline Tattoos today and talked to the proprietor, who has been tattooing folks in more or less that location (he used to be across the street) for 28 years. His establishment is in the ground floor of a house, and the front office is hung all over with Balinese masks and other decorations, including a Jackalope.

I had a good conversation with Steve about what I wanted and what he thought we should do, and then he asked, "Okay, so how fast do you want to go on with this?"

Well, he'd said he was booking 6-8 weeks out, so I said, "Well, at your convenience."

And he said, "I had a cancellation tomorrow."


So I guess I am getting a tattoo for Halloween.

I was so flustered I forgot to ask if I could photoblog. *g* Guess I'll have to find out tomorrow.
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