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December 2021



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the night comes again to the circle studded sky...

So, I went to Guideline Tattoos today and talked to the proprietor, who has been tattooing folks in more or less that location (he used to be across the street) for 28 years. His establishment is in the ground floor of a house, and the front office is hung all over with Balinese masks and other decorations, including a Jackalope.

I had a good conversation with Steve about what I wanted and what he thought we should do, and then he asked, "Okay, so how fast do you want to go on with this?"

Well, he'd said he was booking 6-8 weeks out, so I said, "Well, at your convenience."

And he said, "I had a cancellation tomorrow."


So I guess I am getting a tattoo for Halloween.

I was so flustered I forgot to ask if I could photoblog. *g* Guess I'll have to find out tomorrow.


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There should be no issues with photoblogging - tattoo artists are just that, artists. The tracking of a tattoo's progression is a very natural thing in the industry.

(I have six. XD)

Are you now inspired to add a jackalope to the tattoo? ;)
Jackalope? There's good eatin on one of them, I hear. ;)

Have fun gettin the inkin!

(I would so go with you if I could.)
Awesome. We'll have to share horror stories about the healing process. (Mine is getting done 11/9. :)
I hope to have a horror-story-free healing....
There are traditional methods (from various places around the world) that don't use metal, though they are supposed to hurt more. Of course, given my experience of being poked with something I'm allergic to (cat claws, for instance) as opposed to something of similar size that I'm not allergic to, you might find a very sharp stick hurts less than a metal that offends your skin.

Auspicious! I can't wait to see the results!

Very, very cool. You posting about this is making me seriously want to get another tattoo. I totally loved getting my first one done: the endorphin high was truly amazing, and the healing wasn't bad at all.

Time to start researching T.O. tattoo artists again, methinks...
I'm not expecting any endorphin high--I don't get pain buzz, alas--but it would be nice to be surprised. *g*
"Less painful than childbirth."

Yeah, so are kidney stones. *g* This is not a recommendation.
*g* I'm not overly concerned about it hurting. (My upper ear piercings *hurt.* Nothing else, so far, has been bad....)

I'm looking forward to making a part of my body pretty, though. That will be cool.
Sometimes you think you know where things are going, and then they tackle you. Hallowe'en is an awesome time for your tattoo. I hope you are able to photo blog, because that would be really interesting.
"but they all glow brighter in the brilliance of the blaze"

I look forward to seeing the blogging and the finished product. I don't think there's anything I want on myself permanently, but I admire other people's ink, and the gallery for this guy was really impressive.
So I guess I am getting a tattoo for Halloween.

Sounds most appropriate!
Oh, fantastic! Can't wait to see pictures!
Sweetness! That's what happened for me with Todo - rock on! Can't wait to see your tattoo, and have a good time. :) (helpful hint, bring skittles or trail mix if you plan on going for more than two hours, it helps with the endorphins).
Oops, hadn't read your non-wanting of solicitations. I was just remembering my gorge-fest on Sunday. I ate a whole bag of Choco monkey something or others. Mmmmm, choco monkies. *drool*
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