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bear by san

March 2017



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spies mfu sleeps on planes

still you just have to say that old way was effective, but fairly crude

Got out for a really good run this morning, ran three miles, walked a half mile, ran the last mile--in about an hour and ten, with several stops for photography.

Elizabeth Park at dawn in October is a damned good reason to get up in the morning:

The nation's oldest municipal rose garden under frost at dawn, and Frederick Law Olmstead landscaping behind it.

And remember the roses from last week?

Same branch, more frost, better camera:

And that's why I live here.

You're chasing death already.
Every day is gravy now.

...man, this song is such an earworm.


Look at that lighting! wow.
You make the Frozen North so *appealing.*
Beats the stuffing out of living where it's nasty hot. *g* Connecticut is nice: we only get about six weeks of really vile weather a year.

I miss fall foliage. :(
Nice crispy looking frost. Glad you had a good run.
That Olmstead fella sure knew where to plant a tree or two, didn't he?

he did a'ite. You should see the other side, where all the flowering stuff is, in the spring.

Actually, considering me and my new camera, you prolly will.
The light hitting the tops of the trees is absolutely gorgeous!

The frosted roses give me chills in a good way. Like my breath could start fogging before my eyes.
Ooooh. *is envious of CT*

We didn't get enough water this summer so our fall color was pretty lackluster, alas.
Those are some really pretty pictures. Sunlight just hitting fall foliage like that is a wonderful sight.

We have a few Frederick Law Olmstead parks out in Western New York, though the one in Buffalo got a bit damaged in the '06 October heavy snowfall. The one here in Rochester I try to visit whenever I get a chance, especially when the lilacs are in bloom.
The third picture, especially, is so vivid. We mostly just have schoolbus yellow bigleaf maples out here in the northwest. They're much prettier than the busses, but still rather monochrome.
The really scary thing is, the best color is *over.* It peaked two weeks ago....