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bear by san

March 2017



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twain & tesla

every picture tells a story, don't it?

Trees on church grounds:


Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath.

Careful study of the identifying characteristics of these superficially similar species with an eye towards speedy field identification is essential to maintaining the health and sanity of the researcher.


"No, I'm quite sure it's an arrrggggghhhhh!"
I believe that they are both plane trees (Platanus). The American species is the Sycamore, which my children call "the camo-bark tree". The Wikipedia article is good, and includes pictures of some other famous planes, some more than 2000 years old.
One's a lime. One's a plane tree.

That's entirely besides the point of the, you know, humorous content.

Nice contrast, thanks for the laugh.
Surely you mean Shrub-Niggurath? ::dives for cover::
*throws pillows*

I used to have a giant spider plant named Shrub Niggurath.

Actually, the current philodendron is making a crack for inheriting the title. This thing grows between the pages of the cookbooks if I don't pay attention to where it's wandering.
As long as it stays away from 'To Serve Man'...
Ooo a plant with a taste for true crime/horror.
There's a tree in front of my old church that we used to call the "'The Episcopal Church Welcomes You' Tree." Let's just say it's remarkably evocative of what rose windows symbolize. If you're collecting weird trees on church grounds, I'll send you a picture.
I'm not. I was, you know, making a joke. :-P

And it was a funny one, to which I was attempting to contribute.
I think I got too obscure.
Or it's my bedtime and the Benadryl is kicking in. Woot.
You say 'hug', I say 'Green Noah, demon tree, evil fingers can't catch me'.
when you get rich and buy that castle, i will come visit.
The outhouse is not cannon-proof.

(My fame and fortune is still in the mail.)
that is the greatest castle ever... With a cave. And a haunted latrine. Looking on the bright side.

PS. As for listening to the radio and writing? I have a similar problem called old age. You might try some MJQ. (not a drug) or other cool jazz.
Hmm. I have some Grover Washington around here somewhere...
I suspect, on little evidence that musical lyrics are competing with computational space in your mighty brain. So, you could try instrumentals. MJQ is very subtle, unobtrusive, but so deep you could take a break and listen for awhile.. Most of the "Blue Note" jazz from the 60's was pretty mellow, also Paul Desmond, Jim Hall and Bill Evans are pretty deep.

I could send you some, if i ever get off my butt to burn cds