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Any woman with a purse that big's bound to have something in it I don't want to know about.

True Blood 1x08

You know, Lafayette is a total bastard, and yet I rather like him. Charm goes a long way.

Sam, however, is rapidly edging into "die in a fire" territory. And OMG, cold headstone sex. NO.

Maybe I'm just bitter because everybody on this show gets more than I do. Even the dead people.

Vampire texting.

1x09 (the obligatory splatterpunk episode)


That was gratuitous.

...okay, weren't we in a kitchen full of bloody meat a minute ago? Somehow, I missed a transition.

Jason Stackhouse, you pathetic sack of shit. Your little girlfriend badly needs to die in a fire.

I do like a lot of the dialogue in this episode. "You have vampire in your cleavage." and "Black men are less prone to grovel." and "I'd rather deal with your fucked up shit than be alone." Yeah, there's the foundation for a healthy relationship.

Sam is better this ep. And I do approve of him pwning Arlene.

"Secret sauce? Since when is mayonnaise a fucking secret."

"Lately it seems like if I called in sick every time somebody I loved got murdered, I'd never make it in for a single day of work."

"So I guess I'm having an exorcism."

Vampire wii. We sense a trend.

Also, Eric's makeup artist needs a refresher course. Even if vikings with southern accents crack me up.
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