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Smoke and mirrors

I have a cough. But I'm still doing better than the boy.

Nomail today, which is, I suppose a good thing. Although one does get tired of waiting for rejections.

I'm thinking about storytelling. And how much of it is actually *not* telling the story, but giving the the reader the right guideposts to permit him to fill in the story around the story, as it were.

While not leaving so much to his imagination that he doesn't feel he doesn't understand what's going on.

It's almost as if the story, like a drawing, exists more in the negative spaces around the lines the artist provides than in the lines and shadings themselves.

This actually all made sense in my head.


Third day in a row without Stratford Man words. And I'm not too restless over it yet. I must have needed the break.

And now I'm tired to go with my sick, and getting off the computer for a while to go read.
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