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when i woke i took the back door to my mind

Rich Horton reviews Shadow Unit Season 1 in this months' Locus:

One more, rather different, online site deserves notice. Shadow Unit markets itself as sort of an online TV series (in words): a mix, perhaps, of CSI and The X-Files. And the stories are indeed very TVish in presentation, with such TV-series-like tics as a very carefully mixed set of protagonists. And they are very good. The writers, in various mixes of solo and collaboration, are Emma Bull, Elizabeth Bear, Sarah Monette, and Will Shetterly (with some help from Amanda Downum). The stories concern a special federal unit that investigates crimes traceable to "anomalous" people: people with something like super powers, but also an obsession with, usually, revenge against some symbol. I enjoyed all of Season 1--perhaps the best story is Elizabeth Bear's "Overkill," about a serial killer who stages over-the-top murders of normal happy families--murders that may really, in a perverted way, target the police. I'd recommend reading the whole season in order, however.

So, approximately three novels worth of episodes, plus supporting material, plus ongoing character blogs. And a thriving fan community.

Presented to you free of charge on the public radio guilt model.

And you know, now would be a great time to catch up over hiatus. Because in January we'll be announcing the schedule for Season 2.

Just saying.
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