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bear by san

March 2017



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writing whiskey soul

participatory history

Got up at 5 am to vote, showered, dressed, and walked the half mile to the polls through a gorgeous, misty November morning that I shared with the garbage trucks:


Some more somewhat blurry shots behind the cut. I was hand-holding in low light conditions.

The line at the polls was diverse and jovial, though not as friendly as the primary turnout. I waited about 25 minutes to cast my vote. Connecticut's Secretary of the State is predicting 90% voter turnout.

I love New England.


Blurry CNN pollster:


I got blurrily CNN-polled.

Democratic sign-holders a regulation hundred yards from the polls. There were no Republicans. I jokingly asked the Dems if the Republican's truck broke down, and one of them grinned and said, "I think they've packed it in for the day."


The radio is predicting a crushing defeat for CT Representative Christopher Shays, who--they say--is the last Republican member of the House from New England.

Yankees. I tell you what. You goof up, we'll let you know.


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I got to my polling place in New Haven just a couple minutes after 6, and the line already snaked out the building and halfway through the parking lot. Five minutes later, the line was starting around the block. It took 45 minutes before my ballot was in the scanner... amazing. I didn't know our neighborhood had that many people in it!!
it's beautifully nuts.
Wow! 90% turnout sounds amazing! Historic, even. Any idea what the previous percentages of voter turnout have been? (For the sake of comparison and potential further awe.)
Last presidential election was about 75%.

Yankees vote.
Ah, yes, it may well be "Say Goodbye to Shays Both Ways."
It's wonderful that so many Americans are voting this time, but I am totally boggled by the idea of having to queue for hours to vote. I don't think I've ever waited more than about 5 minutes. You should all demand more polling stations!
I thought you guys were supposed to be good at queuing. Poseurs!

"Yankees. I tell you what. You goof up, we'll let you know."

And yet...Lieberman still has his seat.

(And yet...Kennedy and Kerry still have their seats)
Kennedy and Kerry aren't all that bad, as dead white guys go, frankly.

Lieberman, I am at a loss to explain, except in that he's apparently tremendously charismatic in person and probably still had a lot of name recognition after 2000.

And I really doubt he'll be back for another round.
Democratic sign-holders a regulation hundred yards from the polls. There were no Republicans.

When we left the polls this morning, there was one campaigner outside, a Republican supporter for a county commissioner race. Nothing presidential.
We had no presidential campaigners, but the right to lifers were at our polling place in force.

Gotta love Ohio.
Interestingly, no sign-holders at my polling place.

I just came back. Got there at 6:30, was the first person in my precinct to vote (there are two precincts at my polling place, so I was fourth in line but first to vote).

The line was in the parking lot by the time I left.

I liked meeting my neighbors!
How great is this! Strangely, I loved the fact that it took me 1.5 hours to vote! The line was out the door 1/2 hour after polls opened at 6:00. I've never seen this kind of turnout!
I'm envious of liberal New England, because I live in the depth of conservative Utah...someone get me out of here please.
*adds New England to her potential moving destinations*

Sadly enough I'm just a lowly immigrant and can't vote, but hey, the political meatpuppet is still excited :D
I spent 7 years in Nevada. You have my profound sympathy.

New England is my favorite place on earth. I highly recommend it.
I voted over a week ago. :)
Bah. Early voting is unamerican. *g* Proper states get everybody out there to celebrate with some ceremony.
Congratulations on exercising your franchise; never let it get all soft and flabby.

I am so glad I voted early, now that I have this figgin' cold.
Washington state is mostly mail-in balloting now. The reason it's mostly is that the two largest (population-wise) counties couldn't quite get it all the way done for this election. Starting the next election there won't be any voting booths in the state.

Oregon has been this way for a while (I'm not sure how long).

No waiting, you can drop your ballot off (with postage) at any post office or you can drop it into any one of a bunch of secured ballot boxes (without postage).

It's convenient, you can even vote in your pjs.
Man, I've said it so many times, but I'll say it again: I love Oregon.

I did indeed vote in my PJ's a few days ago, in the comfort of my office chair, with the online voter's pamphlet open in front of me.

Then, yesterday, I dropped it off at a ballot drop that just a few minutes walk from work. No lines. No cold. No muss/no fuss.
I'm so glad we get to mail it in...

Also, totally unrelated: Congratulations on Ink and Steel being named one of the best novels of the year by Publisher's Weekly!


My county (as all but two are in Washington..you know, the OTHER Washington) is all mail-in/drop-off now so we took the kids on a field trip to drop them off last night.

They're predicting the highest Washington State turnout since 1944. It's amazing because we're so used to our vote "not counting" because we're always blue and so very left coast. Of course, we have a contentious Governor's "rematch" and four years ago our current Gov only one buy like 150-ish votes after three previous counts she lost by. It's crazy!

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