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remember, remember, the fifth of November

This morning I am thinking very fondly of my godson, and feeling so grateful that he will never have a real memory of a time that someone whose skin is brown like his couldn't become President of the United States.  --panjianlien, elsewhere in a locked post, quoted with permission.

That, exactly. I am thinking very fondly of my godson, too. And the fact that the first president Sunil knows about will be Barack Hussein Obama. Somebody who I honestly believe, at this point, may hold the ideals of a public servant rather than a kleptocrat. A community organizer. That guy.

No, of course racism and prejudice aren't over in America, and neither are years of anger and the twisted baggage of "us vs. them" thinking. But I do note that last night, both candidates made a point in denouncing that kind of thinking--though one was booed for it, and the other applauded. And I also note that my generation, and even more dramatically the people younger than me, voted overwhelmingly for human rights, for social justice, for looking forward, and for change.

It's not going to be easy, and that's another message I think everybody should be hearing loud and clear. Building a strong and just society, a strong and just economy, and a strong and just foreign policy are not going to be easy. It's going to take all hands on deck, and it's going to take compromise on the level of Henry Clay. (Remember when compromise was an ideal in American Democracy? Remember when it was something that made a statesman great?)

In some ways, we're like a drunk who's just really hit bottom hard enough to finally believe that the alcohol is killing him. Backsliding is easy. Staying clean is hard.

But the future is inevitable, and we've stopped trying to hide our faces from it. It's just a matter of outliving the walking corpse of the dead century.
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