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An interesting examination of the relationship between the queer community and the African-american civil rights movement. (And no, people of color are not responsible for the passage of Prop 8., so please, guys, stop spreading that meme until you do a little reading.)

I have to say that slit's experience of the modern queer community is not very similar to my experience of the radical lesbian community (aka The Community) of the 1980s, where women of color were in many ways seen as More Perfect Lesbians, possibly because the women's community in those days was a little hung up on mythologizing the survivors of oppression. But I'm not connected with any Communities these days, except inasmuch as I have friends who participate in several, and I have no idea what the current state of the zeitgeist in queer radicalism is. If it's as slit presents it, I think I'm just as happy not to be.
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