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Michael Wood is an iiidiot.

Okay, done with that now. I've just watched Episode 3 of In Search of Shakespeare, and I had to stop or I would have had to book a ticket and fly to England to bitchslap the man.

I am forced to decide that he's never seen Hamlet. Or Othello. If the description of Hamlet as a 'rebel without a cause' wasn't proof enough--well.

Also, he managed to confuse the marriage sonnets with the FYM sonnets. A cardinal sin in my book.

However, there was an utterly lovely shot of the London skyline in this episode. And about five minutes of RSC Othello that would pay for many sins. Many, many sins indeed.

Which reminds me to be geeked about Act IV of The Stratford Man. Because I'm almost to Hamlet and Othello.

Which reminds me as well that I'm still looking for any good and/or amusing resources online relating to Our Favourite Elizabethans. I'll also accept recommendations for good not-online resources, but they had better be *damned* good if I'm going to spend any more money.

I'm not particularly looking for, you know, Jonson/Dekker slash. But if it's out there, I'll probably go read it and giggle naughtily. And if it's chock-full of telling period detail, or an accurate depiction of Cheapside in 1599, so much the better.
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