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bear by san

March 2017



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wicked fairy bowie

I seem to be stuck again. Fortunately, there's no immediate deadline pressure, so I can stare at the manuscript and wait for my brain to work out the details.

Come on, brain. You know you want to tell me a story.


Is it _because_ there's no deadline pressure?

I don't seem able to write unless I have a deadline screaming down the pike, blaring its horn and waving frantically for me to get off the tracks.
Actually, no. I hate deadlines: they stress me out and completely tank the quality of my work.

I usually try to finish work at least six to eight weeks before it's due, and sometimes I manage to do it by more.

I used to turn my column in 30 seconds before it was due.

I hope I get more like you when I start writing longer pieces.
Yeah. I have no appreciation for the romance of the deadline. None.

In fact, I'd really prefer to finish the work before it's even contracted.

I had to get a one-year extension on the current novel. It's the first time in my life I've ever blown a professional deadline, and I'm miserable about it. But thank God, it's now not due until April 15, and I *will* have it off my desk by the end of the month, come Hell or high water.

The next one is due next October, and I would like to have it finished by the end of January, if I can (I have a first draft, but it's short and not very good).

I'm sort of notorious for turning in my option novel as soon as the last book under contract has been accepted. *g*
Those are very good work habits.

It's just occurring to me that my column was topical, and I always turn in my fiction WELL before deadlines, so there's hope for me yet!
Well, and everybody's pattern is different. All the people I write with are deadline pushers, and I am trying to become Zen about it, but it makes me nuts. *g*
A rapidly approaching deadline scares me stiff. No deadline at all and I get too slack. But if there's a distant deadline, way out there in the future ... that's my sweet spot.

this is an amusing deadline device

Someone just sent this to me. Pretty funny (make sure the speakers are on)

For your inspiration, courtesy of a bookseller on abebooks.com, found yesterday:

Title: All the Windwracked Stars
Publisher: Tor

2008. Hardcover. First ed. 1st Printing. This sequel to
'Blood and Iron' turns the generation ship genre on its ear.
Review copy with publisher's PR material laid in.