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Once upon a time in Mexico

I do have pants on but I didn't go to work after all, and I'm drinking Good Earth warm & spicy tea by the metric butt ton.

Kit made me go see Once Upon A Time In Mexico on Sunday. (I think he has a crush on Johnny Depp. Which is more pleasant for me than Jenny's crush on R. Lee Ermey, so I can live with it.) It actually wasn't as bad as I feared, although it bogged down in the middle, and there wasn't nearly enough Salma Hayek.

Is there ever enough Salma Hayek?

It was sort of like The Massacre At Paris, only with less plot.

Kit has a thing for pretty dark-haired boys, apparently. I'm not shocked.


Considering what I said yesterday about smoke and mirrors, here's my bit o' synchronicity for today:

Readers, after all, are making the world with you. You give them the materials, but it's the readers who build that world in their own minds.
--Ursula K. LeGuin

(Today's "Writer's Daily Quote.")


Time for more tea.


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