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say what you can say

Cat: Monkey, are you sleeping?
Monkey: zzzzzzzzzzzzz
Cat: Monkey, are you dead?
Monkey: zzzzz  zzzzzzzz zzz
Cat: Monkey, I will sit on your head.
Monkey: ruh uh?
Cat: Monkey, I will poke you with my cold nose and claw at the covers around your face.
Monkey: Hey! Watchit!
Monkey: *pulls cat under covers and viciously snuggles her*
Cat: ! !!! !!!!!!!
Cat: !
Cat: I shall retire to the far pillow, which is reserved for my exclusive use, and give you back until morning, so you understand how you have sinned.
Monkey: Wiktory!

[22:13] matociquala: the cat is tickling my ankle.
[22:14] katallen: checking if the curarae is taking effect yet
[22:15] matociquala: actually, I believe she's using me as a buttwarmer
[22:16] katallen: o.o
[22:16] matociquala: It's my lot in life.
[22:16] katallen to be loved for your radiant heat
[22:17] matociquala: yup
[22:17] matociquala: it's not even cupboard love.
[22:17] matociquala: It's thermal love.
[22:18] katallen: I'm sure, if you start cooling off, she'll happily chew on you till the ASPCA gets there
[22:18] katallen: (Mebd Grylls!)
[22:19] matociquala: The fat stays fresh longest.
Tags: cat vs. monkey, chatroom transcripts, presumptuous cat, the writer at work

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