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it was against the law, what the mama saw....*

Apparently, Matthew Gray Gubler cannot only enter into the dreams of unsuspecting fans and participate in their daytime hobbies: he can also teach you the chord progression of folk songs through oneiromantic means. Because dude, I can play "Redemption Songs." Okay, I get tangled up in the funky syncopation at the top of the second verse, but it'll come.

And it actually sounds halfway okay, if your standard is bad open mike performances....

(I suspect that dreaming about guitar stuff is a sign that I am finally internalizing some of it. Especially since I did, in fact, have the chords right in my dream.)

And now, back to the Bob Dylan/Paul Simon coal mines.

*am I the only person who totally slashes this song?


You are NOT the only one. It's totally two boys. I wrote a short and very bad 1-scene play based off that song for a Playwrting class in college, using that premise.
Nope, I always thought the same thing.
I mean, okay, I know it's a drug song. But it doesn't sound like a drug song.
It's a drug song? I always figured it for some kind of sex thing, partly because the parents are so freaked out and partly because his girlfriend is named Rosie.
am I the only person who totally slashes this song?

. . . not anymore.
*am I the only person who totally slashes this song?

My father slashes that song. At least, when I asked him what it was about, he said it was about a homosexual relationship, although I think he said he'd heard that from Truman Capote, who wears slash goggles.

I'm fairly sure it's another one of those songs that Paul Simon has said even he doesn't know what it's about, so at some level, all interpretations are true.

note: my father did not actually use the term slash goggles, but it would be really cool if he did, so let's just go with that, shall we?
Obviously, your dad needs to learn the term "slash goggles."

I am slash-goggle devoid, so it must be slashy if I catch it.

Wikipedia sez:
In a July 20, 1972 interview for Rolling Stone, Jon Landau asked: "What is it that the mama saw? The whole world wants to know." Simon replied "I have no idea what it is... Something sexual is what I imagine, but when I say 'something', I never bothered to figure out what it was. Didn't make any difference to me." This has not stopped speculation: Truman Capote said that he believed the protagonist and Julio were involved in a homosexual relationship; other commentators have detected references to recreational drug use, and believe that the mother saw the boy buying drugs.[citation needed]
OTOH, we do know that "Mother and Child Reunion" is about a chicken-and-egg dish.
What else would it be about?

Perhaps I was exposed to too much Cheech & Chong at an early age. I always assumed they were smoking dope.

It is sorta slashy, but not to the Johnny/Ponyboy level of slashiness.
No, you really really aren't.

And three cheers for the amazing powers of Matthew Gray Gubler!
Amazing powers, that man!
am I the only person who totally slashes this song?

Isn't that canon?
When i was doping i used to dream of trying to play, but the fingerboard was wrapped up in films of plastic. Now i dream i could just play the damn thing.. But now i dream that i am playing on a ramshackle guitar. Oh, wait.. that's the reality.. Duhhh
I thought I read somewhere that Paul Simon 'always thought it was something sexual.'

Edit: Yes, all right, ckd got ahead of me there.

Edited at 2008-11-14 06:34 pm (UTC)
I've always assumed that was exactly what it was about!
I'm with the majority here. I thought it was slashy before I even knew what that meant.

And apropos of nothing in this post, am I remembering correctly that you brined a turkey last year, or am I hallucinating? If the former, could you point me at the post with the recipe*? I am going to attempt it this year.

*My search abilities have totally failed me on this.
I always brine my turkeys. Kosher salt + cold water + submerged thawed turkey. Keep cold, come back in the morning. *g*
Nope, you're not the only one. Enormously catchy slashy song. Which I have a tendency to butcher on my guitar ( I just seem to have a block when it comes to Paul Simon songs- I massacre " Hazy Shade Of Winter"). Although I am also aware it's a drug song, it just makes me and my kids giggle when we hear it. Which is wrong wrong WRONG for us to do. I'm officially babbling.

And yes, MGG was perfection, but special three cheers for the fantastic, Emmy worthy Jane Lynch. Just how brilliant is she?
you're not the only one that kills Paul Simon.. The chords in the books are wrong, and the rhythms very subtle. I have been playing for forty years, and still have never got a Paul Simon song right.
Totally slashy.
Yanno, weirdly enough, I always thought they killed someone - or he killed Julio. Of course, I was a very dark-minded kid. Death goggles, much?