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bear by san

March 2017



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writing dust rengeek shakespeare

So not 21 anymore. I know, this Muppet News Flash will not come as a shock to anyone.

Anyway, yesterday was exhausting, but overall a pretty good day. And then I fell down and was in bed by 10. Now I am warming up leftover pad thai for breakfast, and plan to spend the day curled up on the sofa with a succession of good books. I should really turn the robot loose on the floor at some point, also, because it's kind of crunchy. And I need to make bread. Because bread needs to get made.

Maybe I will make Chaz's pretzel bread, because he's good at bread. That can be my exercise for the day.

But in the meantime, pad thai and coffee and the rest of The Grand Tour.

(I'm still waiting to regrow enough to finish Chill, the amazing book that has never for one moment of its existence built up anything resembling momentum. It's the Sisyphean book: uphill both ways. SRSLY. You never learn to write novels: you only learn to write THIS novel. Still, I would really like to move from the phase of "writing this novel" to "having written this novel," but maybe I will get a genius insight before bedtime and eke out a couple of pages.)


I had pad thai for breakfast, yesterday, and boy, it was much tastier. Also, I am thinking about paying this little girl to help me through my story stasis.
Not bad, but she needs to work on her english. I could only understand her because of the subti--



Um... nevermind.
A case of Geritol and a bucket of Genius Brand Eke is on the way.
Send fried chicken.
virtual fried chicken on the way.. BTW, i am sending up that book, "Sexual History of the Great War" for your collection. You need this, if only to make your friends wonder.

Still a place holder for the birthday present.
I'll buy a coffee table so I can put it on.
A milk crate will do it's a small book. Though, if you act quickly, you could have the bill wyman blues history book.
Is there a recipe for the pretzel bread? I have two new ovens that desperately need to have bread baked in them.
Ooooh. I've never actually made sourdough, because I have the attention span of a ferret, and never remem--oooh, shiny!!!

I shall have to try, though, and see what I get.

Here is a recipe for Carnitas in exchange: http://pixel39.livejournal.com/476228.html
oo thank you.
De nada. Oooh, I forgot to mention if you're making it in cast iron*, like, say, a dutch oven, the vinegar reacts with the iron and causes things to be grayish. Still tasty, just gray. This is how iron gall ink is made, after all. :-)

*unless it's really really well-seasoned, which mine is obviously not ;-)