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it's a great life, if you don't weaken

Reading and Writing Maunderings

I'm reading the first Jim Butcher "Harry Dresden" book, and enjoying it. (Just keeping up on my stablemates). It's a nicely built world. The writings a little more transparent and the characterization a little more on-the-nose than I like, but what I like isn't necessarily the most commercial stuff out there, and this is much more engaging than most of what I've read on the popular end of SFF lately.

My husband bought the whole run the other day. He never does anything by half-measures.

Of course, in some ways, this is bad, because it's got me thinking about the books I eventually want to write on the human perspective of what happens after Bridge of Blood & Iron. And all the stuff I want to do with Kelpie and with One-eyed Jack. And whether those universes (The Stratford Man/Bridge of Blood & Iron/Glass of Rain universe and the One-eyed Jack & the Suicide King universe) are actually the same universe, after all.

As I suspect they are.

And I don't need to be planning a series out four or five books ahead when I haven't rewritten the first one to make it marketable yet. Still, I have a lot of stories to tell about those guys--the Fae, the Prometheans, and all the people caught in between them. I suspect that one could go on for a very long time: it's such a varied universe. There's the possibility for a Victorian book (Yeats! Crowley! Railroads! Irene Adler! The Tsavo Lions! (hee. I could bring back Magnus!) ), and there's also the potential for a little something revolving around Keats, Byron, and the Shelleys. In addition to bucketloads of second-world urban fantasy taking place more or less in the here-and-now.

And then there's the Eddas. And the science fiction stuff. Oh, so many ideas. So little time.

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