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bear by san

March 2017



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holmes confidence

There's an interview with me up at Blogging The Muse.

I think I am declaring November National Novel Not-Writing Month. You guys must be using up all the available words.


It's not me! Not me!
Not me. I gave up on sunday, when I realized that my required WPD was about 3.5k. Then again, I've had two weeks that involved 80+ hours in the office, and lost a weekend to family drama.

I don't even write bad angsty emo poetry these days!
Not me. I finally had to declare it National Write Anything At All Month and even that didn't work.
Second! (I mean, I wrote lots of C++, but that doesn't count.)
I can unparty. I'm quite good at it, in fact.
Sorry .... didn't mean to use up all the words...

If I have any spares, should I send them back your way?
Not me either. Nation Write My GodDamn Thesis Month (or at least the proposal) is a seeming failure.
I did that two years ago -- not even remotely as fun as good old stupid NaNo.

However, the sense of triumph is far greater! You can do it, you've got +1 Anonymous Internet Stranger Wellwishing. Go, thesis, go!
Whew. I hear ya.
/adores your Yuletide icon from afar/

Yay Yuletide!
LOL I'm a glutton for punishment so I'm doing both Yuletide (I went nuts pinch hitting last year and can't wait to do it again) and NaNo (for which I apologized below).

I'm kind of eccentric when it comes to icons. I only use this one /points/ unless there's a serious good reason to temporarily change (like having an Obama one until after the election or to whore myself out for charity via Sweet Charity). But I enjoy looking at other people's, that's for sure.

Livia's great as are all the Yuletide big timers. I have so much fun with this time of year just enjoying the icons. My new fave is the baby polar bear newbie one.
/smishes it when no one is looking/
/realizes there must be a 'they must need bears' pun in there somewhere/

Speaking of drools and naughty, your username has me flashing back to the days when David Duchovny + sex equaled hot not skeevy. Long gone are the days when The Red Shoe Diaries were scandalous and Mulder was one of the hottest things going on in slash...
Oh interesting!

I've never forgotten that HCA tale from childhood - that one and "The Girl Who Trod on a Loaf". Cautionary, but very intriguing tales.
Not guilty. You're welcome to mine. Also my sleep, exercise, and sanity.
/blinks with Dickens orphan eyes/

I didn't mean to use up all the words! Honestly!

I should have known better than to expect that a sequel to a 53K word novel would stay about 50K. I also should have known that after writing a 31K novella in 7 days in October that I'd be over my quota for the first half of NaNo. But no, I was greedy, figuring since I'd lost NaNo the last couple of years that I *deserved* all these words.

So I apologize for the almost 40K I've used up so far for NaNo *and* for publishing a fic a day in November on top of it. Clearly I'm horribly greedy and deserve to have my pre-2005 writers block reinstalled in my brain right away.

Then the world will be safe from the blob that ate Cincinnati my voracious muse.

Now if you'll excuse me I need to find a cave to hide in so the readers of my first novel don't find out I gave up halfway through the sequel. /ducks, covers and runs/
*ducks* I'm guilty too. Sorry. /sends extra words/ *g*
Nope, not a single word of fiction, all month (seems I managed to co-author some 8000 words of academic paper, though, or was that in October?).
Yes! Yes! It was me! I'm not only doing NaNo, I'm doing a rewrite of a different book at the same time! ALL YOUR WORDS ARE BELONG TO ME! BWAHAHAHAHA!


Actually, you can have them. You're a much better writer and I'd rather sleep through the rest of this winter. *thud* *zzz*
Nonsense. I've left plenty of words for you on the days when I can't seem to get any writing done.

I can spare you two "the's", a bunch of "seems" and a virgin "assiduously"

NaNoWriMo: 32452

Hrmmm - well it's only one month and - shucks - you get them all the rest of the year
You get them published.
Smiles a bit wickedly for self.
Well, I'm not NaNo-ing, but I did finish a fanfic for the cm exchange. It's only a couple thousand words and slashy Hotch/Reid (yeah, I know, I know, surprise),so I'm pretty certain you don't want those words....*G*
I'm 14,000 words behind and counting . . .
I was worried about this as a possible side effect of NaNoWriMo.

That's why I picked 50 words, and I keep using them over and over again in different combinations.
LOL! I didn't write much for Nano the last two days. Did my extra words go to you? I told them to, but you know how words are...