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bear by san

March 2017



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writing dust rengeek shakespeare

sentimental as a cat's grave

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945 words today, two short scenes to end the antepenultimate chapter of Chill. And I figured out the plot thing I was stuck on, and a couple of other plot things too. Which means basically I just try to grind out four pages a day or so until I am done with this. damned. book.

Two chapters to go. Through dogged determination and continual getting back on the horse, there may at some point be a draft of the worst novel I've ever written.


You ever get the feeling somebody's watching over your shoulder? Creepy, isn't it?

(You know, it's hard getting a decent picture of yourself. I have a tendency to frown in concentration and tuck my chin in, thereby producing an overabundance of scowl lines and chins. However, I do think this one deserves to be preserved for posterity, as it makes me look rather like Stephen Fry.)

Also, I still love my new glasses.


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They are great glasses.

You do realize that the novel will probably win an award just to spite you? ;)
Oh, probably. *g*
I think he's staring at your neck...beware the vampire-cat!

And yes, very nice glasses. :)
Those are excellent glasses. And your cat looks like she's plotting some sort of sneaky evil for the very moment you turn away.
LOL It's awesome.

B opened my wallet the other day and went

"Hm, does Truman Capote know you have his driver's license?"

... so don't feel bad.
Hey, they're nice glasses.

Aww. I think they're lovely pictures. (And your glasses are awesome.)
Those glasses RAWK!!

(And probably if the dogs could get onto the back of my chair, they would.)
Your new glasses are indeed still awesome, and I am envious.

I wonder if the real reason I am not succeeding as an Author is the lack of cat. How can I catwax without cat? How can I catblog or post photos of my cat with meat? Gluing ears to the Roomba is all very well, but clearly insufficient. Boyfriend tries, but isn't quite as cute and bloggable as a cat. And I worry that using stuffed animals as a substitute will give people tie impression that I'm a little too nuts.

...whoa, I think I just saw meta-catwaxing off in the distance. Backed off.

Although everyone agrees that I need to find a lifelike white Persian cat hand puppet for the wheelchair, to go with the world domination threats, evil laugh, and leather gloves.

I think you should take it to the next meta level and get a fluffy white caterpillar.

You ought to have a little white cat looking over the other shoulder, then they could have their black vs white cat arguments as they struggle over your soul.
We do not subscribe to Judeo-Christian binary value judgments in this household. Thus, the grey cat suffices to answer all questions of morality.

Perhaps the cat would like a ride on the robot?

A friend sent me this video today and it made me wonder if your Mebd would ever do anything similar: http://www.videosift.com/video/Roomba-Driver
Okay, I like your new glasses, too. *g*
You know, it's hard getting a decent picture of yourself.

How do you go about it? I use the view screen widget that flips all the way around-- and flips the image when it senses it's flipped all the way 'round-- and try to compose from there. That always leave one hand out of frame. I guess a tripod/desk and timer eliminate that, but then one never knows if the autofocus will lie at the last moment.
I point the camera at myself and guess.
Noble, thoughtful face. And those are good specs.

The glasses are even awesomer in situ.

How does the Presumptuous Cat manage to always look ebil in pictures?
"look" evil? *g* She *is* evil.

Fortunately, she's also small.

Picture Calvin in the body of a cat.
The new glasses? Pretty awesome!
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