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sentimental as a cat's grave

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945 words today, two short scenes to end the antepenultimate chapter of Chill. And I figured out the plot thing I was stuck on, and a couple of other plot things too. Which means basically I just try to grind out four pages a day or so until I am done with this. damned. book.

Two chapters to go. Through dogged determination and continual getting back on the horse, there may at some point be a draft of the worst novel I've ever written.


You ever get the feeling somebody's watching over your shoulder? Creepy, isn't it?

(You know, it's hard getting a decent picture of yourself. I have a tendency to frown in concentration and tuck my chin in, thereby producing an overabundance of scowl lines and chins. However, I do think this one deserves to be preserved for posterity, as it makes me look rather like Stephen Fry.)

Also, I still love my new glasses.
Tags: jacob's ladder, presumptuous cat, progress notes
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