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bear by san

March 2017



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muppetology beaker meep meep

you don't love me at all, but don't think that it bothers me

Three hundred words so far this morning, and in the process of figuring out what they should be about, I identified two scenes I need to add on the next draft. Which is useful work, even if it sometimes doesn't seem like it.

Unfortunately, I seem to have hit a patch of sleepiness, but I'm hoping the therapeutic application of a Barq's root beer I happened to have loitering in the fridge will fix that. (I don't usually have soda in the house unless I know I will be having house guests who drink it: the usual beverages around here are water, milk, coffee, tea, ale, and cider--when cider is in season. Also, I usually have stuff that can be run through the juicer. (currently, ten pounds of oranges, for example.) Yay, juicer. Anyway, caffeinated corn syrup beverage, do your devil's work on my shivering frame!)

I have to admit, my job has its drawbacks, like never eally being off-duty. On the other hand, it's really nice that "on duty" includes one's own living room.


And coming to work in jammies.
It could be worse...you could be stuck in Salt Lake City, at an office until 0300 every morning, and back at the office at 0800.

It's cold, I'm surrounded by mundanes, and they don't even have the decency to join the rest of the southwest in not hating smokers.
If I were still stuck in the Southwest, I would have stepped in front of a bus by now.

Sadly, I suspect this is not hyperbole.
I know the feeling. At least I'm only stuck out here through tonight (although I'm going to be on a plane when CM airs, which also sucks.

Also, sorry to be whiney at you. :)
*g* It's okay. Livejournal only permits five emotional interactions: unsolicited advice, +1, you suck!, squee/hugz, and "agony! so much greater than yours!"

Since I forbid the first of those, I figure I have to allow the other 80%.
When you know she would go to yooooou if there only were dooooors...

(Dwarves are very upsetting.)

Edited at 2008-11-20 02:30 am (UTC)
Many people do, and I am happy it is there for them. Also, to go drive through occasionally or hike around in and look at the pretty bones of the earth.

But it's always such a relief to come home where it's green.

Actually, I have the first part of next year nearly off from writing novels, depending. (Just two things to revise, really, and one to draft.) I might be doing a little traveling just for the joy of it, once I get you TSTM.
I didn't realize until now that Barq's has caffeine (unlike most root beers AFAIK, but that may not be very far considering the current example) Thanks for expanding my brain.
Dear Bear,

Barq's is not root beer. Never has been, and only got it on the label after Coke bought it. Might as well call mead a porter.

If you want an actual root beer, I can recommend some (for special occasions, of course), but please don't trample on the good name of a tasty beverage.

Ah well, back to my wife...