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bear by san

March 2017



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writing dust bible 'house of dust"

fifteen miles on the Erie Canal


words since 9:00 AM Saturday: 554
sleep since 9:00 AM Saturday:
hours in deathmarch so far:
showers: 1
pages written:
pots coffee:
1 (with some vanilla ground up in it)
large mugs salabat:
pots tisane:
pots tea:
It Came From The Juicer:
Beet greens, garlic, and radishes. I think this experiment is unlikely to be repeated, she said mildly, as the result was devoid of any value except the medicinal. The beet greens tasted a little too much like fresh compost. But I'm sure it was good for me.
drugs: 800 mg. naproxen, 1 OTC Zantac
dancing: around the kitchen
handfuls of nutritional supplements: 1 (fish oil, evening primrose, calcium, b complex, glucosamine chondroitin)
food: corned beef hash and eggs.
stomach: equivocal
state of the catbox: freshly scooped
laundry situation: desperate

No manic focus yet, but my brain does seem to be letting me listen to music, which alleviates the pounding boredom somewhat. Also, my brain is talking to me and giving me useful words in interesting patterns, so that's a win.

I badly want a nap. going to find some lunch instead. I suspect this chapter (chapter 18) may be Zeno's Chapter and need to be subdivided.

I think the next thing to die in the juicer is some of these apples.


When we were juicing a lot, we really liked things with cucumber and celery and peppers. Would not recommend bok choy; it's peppery in a bad way. Ginger was good, though.

I empathize with you. Though I'm not working on anything nearly as impressive, my Nano book has been like pushing a boulder up a hill. I'm now nearly 7000 words behind, and need to make up most of it this weekend. Which would be easier if I wasn't spending this weekend working.
Carrot/citrus/ginger is amazing. I don't like celery juice very much. Nastay. But apple lemonade, at a ratio of four apples to one lemon, is fantastic.

(I buy my juice fruit from the bruised fruit bin at my local market, for between 50 and 70 cents a pound. It's cheaper than buying juice.)
When I last had a juicer, my morning juice was usually apple, carrot, half a lemon, and ginger.

(I've added that juicer you linked to yesterday to my Amazon wishlist-from-all-sources. Maybe for Christmas/Hogswatch/Solstice/whatever... I'd buy it for myself, but I got Lindstrom pliers and silver wire from Elise's bulk order, and that's the budget blown to smithereens. Soooo worth it, though.)
I've never actually made juice from fruit. what kind of implements do you use to turn/press the juice into fruit?
A juicer! It's basically a grinder attached to a centrifuge. It destroys the cell structure of whatever produce you feed it, and then whirls the fluid out into a handy container. Then you drink it.

Danger: home made juice will ruin you for store-bought juice. Forever.

Did you know home-made grapefruit juice tastes *good*?
Did you know home-made grapefruit juice tastes *good*?

really? that's quite a feat!
the juicers sound interesting; I'll have to see one in action one day. we have all manner of books on 'juicing' at the store; I bet they use them. ^_^

meanwhile, I'll be sending lots of good vibes your way for productive death marching. ;)
I'll make you fresh orange juice the next time you come over.

BTW, I have 2 (2) tickets to see Mr. Bird in Boston on January 30. You in?
that would be awesome! which day is the show?
The 30th is a Friday.
sounds great! I would love to go.
Mmm, corned beef hash and eggs. With runny yolks that get all flirtacious with the potato and meat. Delicious!
I much prefer fresh juice to any other kind.

I was listening to Secret Agent from SomaFm today on streaming radio at the laundromat, and I thought of you when they played the Man from Uncle Medley, followed by the theme from Thunderbirds. (somafm.com)

You also inspired me to look up a book: _Training for Climbing_

Good times.
This is me making a mental note not to get juicer until I'm sure she can afford to go on feeding it. Addictive, much? No bruised fruit bin in the area that I know of, alas.

If you're a cardamom fan, I strongly recommend a cardamom-vanilla mix in the coffee grounds. Divine. (On the other hand, I haven't tried ground vanilla; I use a good quality liquid extract. Since that spoiled me for ever using cheap vanilla for anything, I think ground vanilla is another thing that's going to have to wait until I can afford to become addicted to it.)

All of this sounds lovely, especially the dancing in the kitchen.

Cardamom coffee is also very popular around here. I toss three pods into the grinder with the beans.

If you have a local chain grocery store, you will often find that Somewhere In The Produce Department, there will be a rolling cart with high school cafeteria trays on it. (My local markets often hide this cart in the corner by the deli or the bakery.) On this cart you will find wrapped packages of damaged fruit and veg. Often not stuff you would want to cook with--but perfect for pulping and whizzing. Sometimes it's very catch as catch can--last night I paid three bucks for a mango, two tangerines, and eight apples (Of random varieties), for example--but it makes totally lovely juice. *g*

(The vanilla was a bit of a bean that has been sitting in the sugar tin long enough to petrify. I need a new vanilla bean. Also some cumin. I suspect it's time for a trip to Penzey's soon.)

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