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it's time I had some time alone


words since 9:00 AM Saturday: 554 1008 1761 2002 2100 2502 2731 3009
sleep since 9:00 AM Saturday: 6
hours in deathmarch so far: 25
showers: 2
pages written: 16
pots coffee: 1 (with some vanilla ground up in it)
large mugs salabat: 1
pots tisane: 1 (chamomile linden flower)
pots tea: 2 (white chai, mangosteen green tea) plus a mug of Upton Tea's Christmas Tea 
It Came From The Juicer: Beet greens, garlic, and radishes. Apple lemonade.  Beet apple mango nectar. Tangerine orange ginger carrot. Broccoli yam.
alcohol: La Fin du Monde, honey pepper vodka, St. Ambroise apricot ale
drugs: 2000 mg. naproxen, 1 OTC Zantac
dancing: as if it's 1999
handfuls of nutritional supplements: 2 (fish oil, evening primrose, calcium, b complex, glucosamine chondroitin)
food: corned beef hash and eggs; layer cake; Barilla "Plus" angelhair with chicken, defatted chicken drippings, green peas, butter, and parmesan; gouda, cheddar, and grapes; more cake; sesame paste steamed bun; lamb dumplings "flavored with oyster flavored sauce"; the rest of the pasta; still more cake; 2% milk
BPAL: Jacob's Ladder.
mug: still the porn bunnies

Moving forward into the climax. Figured out finally what the magic sword is for.

I just had a sudden fit of baseless anxiety (last gasp of the unhelpful brain chemicals?) and had to reassure my brain that there was nothing to get all freaking stressy about. Dude! Chemicals! Life is good! Chill!

But I think it might just be my body interpreting how much my neck and back hurt as anxiety, so we have resorted to the heating bad, more Aleve, and the beer.

Soon it will be a draft. Soon, soon.

Tags: jacob's ladder, with your draft or on it
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