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this girl is taking bets...

Communication with Anne-my-editor-Anne has been achieved, and the upshot is, she won't be reading anything until March, so I am off the hook for a second draft/real submission draft of Chill until February. Which means that the next large project that lies before me is the revision amble through The Sea thy Mistress.

Which is a good thing to have lined up, since I'm still a little restless. but it shall definitely be a meander, with the goal for a finished draft the end of the year. And in the meantime, some of this reading might get done. Fancy that.

I would pick a career that's all homework.

Vacation is weird. It has time in it. 

Tomorrow, it also has a visit to the dentist in it, for what may be unpleasantries. Because that's just the way to start off the season of Nom.

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