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bear by san

March 2017



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smile your little smile. take some tea with me awhile.

Well, for somebody who had been neglecting regular maintenance trips to the dentist for as long as I have, I just got off remarkably lightly. The cleaning only took about half an hour, and I dodged the bullet: two fillings, which we can handle on Tuesday. And now I have nice clean teeth.

I'd been worried that the sensation of pressure I was having on the upper right was crown trouble (I have a crown up there that's on a tooth that only got half a root canal, because my root channels are tiny, twisty, and highly calcified, and back when I got it done, both my regular dentist and an endodontist decided that since only half the pulp was infected, it wasn't worth the risk of breaking my maxilla to get to the other half.*) but it turns out that there's just some decay in the tooth next to the crown, and a simple filling should fix it. Also, apparently I have a chipped tooth that needs some TLC.

Total bill, under seven hundred dollars. Whew.

If you ever need to identify my body, my dentist is Dr. David Moskow, in Glastonbury, CT. I cannot recommend him highly enough; he's gentle, willing to explain, listens to his patients, and he only gave me a very small lecture, which I richly deserved.

So that's done. Last annoying piece of body maintenance on my schedule for the year is an overdelayed trip to the girl doctor**, and then I will be declared maintained for a little while.

Tonight is the last climbing night before Thanksgiving. *g* I'm hoping the meat will cooperate today and give me some good rides. Monday I was only sort of moderately successful--despite massive weakness, balance, and insecurity issues, I resent the 5.8 and two kind of tricky routes on the slab, which I guess is adequate for the day after a deathmarch. Tonight, if I can find some go, I'd like to go back and work on that 5.7+ some more, and maybe take a few licks at the last 5.7 in the gym that I haven't sent, which is a route in the corner on the crack. Tricky, tricky. But it might be fun, and I've never managed anything on that wall.

I think I'm officially going to have to move up to 5.8s now, as the 5.7s are getting--not easy, exactly, because my strength/weight ratio is still ass for this sport (though slowly improving, with more strength and less weight coming in increments)--but I'm understanding how to do them much better. On the other hand, drill also improves technique: you learn a lot from finding better ways to do things you already know how to do. This is as true in sport as in art: if you are always at the very edge of your competence, you're always off-balance and sloppy.

*Yes, the tooth is only mostly dead.

**Like the horse doctor. Why do we need special doctors for girls? It always makes me think of large animal vets.


I missed your first asterisk and initially saw your first footnote as related to the second asterisk in your post -- meaning I read the trip to the girl dr. as related to a tooth being only mostly dead. eek!
Oh, I hope a cleaning and two fillings is under $700! I need to get to a dentist. I love the NHS for medical care, but there aren't any NHS dentists taking new patients around here and I haven't been back in a while to the NHS dentist I saw near my old job, so I'm off his list. I need to find a cheap private dentist.
Cleaning, x-rays, and two fillings. The full mouth series was a hundred bucks. And each filling will be a little over two hundred.

But, yanno. It's less expensive than I feared.
Wow. Okay, I won't complain about British dental prices. I'd no idea that US ones were that expensive nowadays. :(
See, and here I was thinking this was quite reasonable. I got out for under a thousand bucks.
The private dentist in the village I'm currently staying in would charge from £205 for exam inc. x-rays, cleaning and two fillings. The fillings start at £50 each but get pricier depending on how complicated they are and whether you want the nice white ones.

I've been looking because my wisdom teeth are currently giving me grief again *cries*
I'd lose the difference on the plane ticket.
I want to call a surgery locally (I'm down on the South Coast -- can see the Isle of Wight, not Russia ;) that offers something called their Dencare, their version of NHS care. It's supposedly affordable, so I'll check into it. They are taking new patients, unlike the NHS dentists around here.
PS Good luck with the wisdom teeth. I lost all of my mine when I was in my twenties twenty-some years ago. If you still have yours, more power to you!
Why do we need special doctors for girls?

In Canada, your family doctor does the standard girly checkups (pap smears, menstrual problems, hot flashes etc.) and we only go to ob-gyns for specialist issues. I understand this is different in the States: I think our approach makes more sense. After all, the female-specific organs are affected by the rest of your body and your general health. It doesn't make much sense to me to have to go to two separate doctors for standard check-up tests/issues.
Seriously. My ovaries are not part of another body, you know....
I'm jealous. I wish I had a special Man Doctor.

Hrm, now there would be an interesting show: "Rock Tarkington, Man Doctor."
They're called urologists.

(Okay, yes, urologists treat men and women both, but they're also the ones who treat prostate issues and, often, erectile dysfunction.)
This is how we do it in my particular chunk of the United States, too.
My experience has been that women GPs are perfectly happy to do my annual pelvic-and-Pap-smear, but men GPs expect me to want a referral to a gynecologist.
You heard my sigh of relief all the way over there, didn't you?
**Like the horse doctor. Why do we need special doctors for girls? It always makes me think of large animal vets.

Except the large animal vets wear longer gloves. :-)
Well, I won't give you a lolly-pop, even if you were a good girl at the dentist, but let me give you a favourite "boy doctor" story.

Some years back I came home from a doctor's appointment, walked into the living room and announced to a male housemate, "I've just passed a milestone of being a guy!"

"What's that?" he asked.

"I just had my first prostate exam." Then I paused to think before adding, "Well, fist professionally done prostate exam."

He fell off the couch laughing.
Well, this is TMI, but since you shared yours, I'll share mine. I have a tilted uterus, so my internal architecture means I've been getting the finger up the butt since I was 17.


And me without even a prostate to show for it....


I'll forgo comments on Girl Doctors - I have several as friends. One allowed me to work with her our neighbor's green house. She acted as contractor - having gained construction experience from her dad and her purchase of a "Fixer Upper". Another, a friend for 28 years, is relocating to Bellingham WA (serious sighs).
As to climbing. 5.8? awesome. Daughter took me climbing for the first time. I got up and down the lower "Fives". She proposed a 5.11 ascent (gasp). I fell off twice and the swing WAY OUT from the wall was a real heart stopper. Fortunately Daughter knows how to properly arrest falling parents who are saying "FALLING" just as left hand left the chalked grip.
I like good ropes.

Edited at 2008-11-26 08:00 pm (UTC)
Why do we need special doctors for girls?

Perhaps a better question would be, 'Why don't we have special boy doctors?', no?
Don't be ridiculous. Boys don't need special doctors. They're the baseline model.
If boys are the baseline model, then why do they have nipples?
They don't have special doctors for their nipples, do they?
If their nipples did anything besides take up space, you bet they would.
*counts down until someone claims that the lack of specialist care for the male nipple proves that Men Are Oppressed Too, Dammit*
At our clinic, the internists can do routine pap/pelvics, but patients typically have the option to have an ob/gyn instead.

In Australia, the GPs take care of the basics (pap smears, yeast infections, pregnancy tests, etc).

The girl doctors are for those times when a girl is gonna be as big as a horse. {g}

Anecdote time: When I lost baby #2, I had full-on contractions. My ob/gyn managed to squeeze me in at the hospital where he was having surgery day.

So, between surgeries, he comes out in overalls (spattered with blood), wellies and the longest dishwashing gloves I had ever seen.

His Grace, ever so witty, said, "You don't have a doctor; you have a butcher."

As for boy doctors, they exist too: andrologists. (Well, they exist in Australia.)