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bear by san

March 2017



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climb in the saddle and whistle along

Yes, writers and gentlemen, the moment we wait all year for has arrived. The Literary Review's coveted Bad Sex In Literature awards are out!

GalleyCat has the results! (And John Updike has been given a lifetime achievement award. Oh god! Oh yes!)

Has anybody seen the shortlisted passage anywhere?

ETA: Found it!


"It's very heartening to see what a distinguished list of writers seem to be listed with me," said Allestree. "I wrote the book because I had written memoirs and biographies, and thought every writer has to do a novel, it's a force majeure. So I set off to do it, and thought I've got to put sex in – every novel's got to have sex in it."

It's very heartening to see someone writing what she's passionate about.
This year's were actually not nearly as bad as previous years' entries. I'm sort of disappointed by the lack of tortured Moomintolls this year.
I'm fairly sure I read about this award last year, but had forgotten all about it. what painful fun!
True, they're not quite as stunning this year as previously, but: “I almost started directing traffic around it.
I always figured the sex in The Witches of Eastwick was meant to be tawdry, sordid, seedy and unpleasant. Does the award still count if you're actively trying to win it?
They're not only generally bad, some of them are eerily reminiscent of some of the sound bites a well-dressed candidate came up with a couple of months back.